Student pleads not guilty to federal charges of child enticement, pornography

The judge denied Shawn Anthony Jackson Outler bail due to the danger he presents to the community.

Kendall Little, Editor-in-Chief

Content warning: This article contains information pertaining to child pornography.

Shawn Anthony Jackson Outler, a senior criminal justice major who federal law enforcement officers arrested on the university Boca Raton campus early March, pleaded not guilty on Friday to several federal charges at his arraignment in Fort Pierce.

According to court documents, federal law enforcement authorities have charged Outler with enticement of a minor, production of material containing visual depictions of sexual exploitation of minors, and receipt of child pornography. One document states the federal government has identified 10 victims, seven of which are adults now.

Prior to his arraignment, Judge Shaniek Mills Maynard denied Outler’s request for bond because of the risk he presents to the community.

“[Outler’s] conduct presents a significant danger and there are no conditions I could set that would reasonably assure the safety of the community,” Maynard said in a pretrial detention order. 

According to the document, the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized three phones, two laptops, and a thumb drive from Outler and has yet to analyze the technology. 

“Even with home confinement, there is no way to ensure he will not access the internet or cellular phones to engage in this type of predatory and [exploitative] behavior,” Maynard said in the document. 

Outler will remain in custody of the U.S. Marshals while he awaits trial.

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