COLUMN: IVAS has a new pool — and it’s filled with soap, lint, and hair

My room in Innovation Village Apartments South has been flooding since Friday. Someone showed up Sunday to vacuum up the water but there’s no timeline on when the actual issue will be fixed.


I’ve always wanted my own swimming pool. But not like this.

Kendall Little, Editor-in-Chief

When you pay to live on-campus at FAU, the water is free. And there’s no shortage of it.

I know this well because since Friday, my second floor room in Innovation Village Apartments South floods at random. I assume it’s when someone above us uses their washing machine – because the water is filled with soap, lint, and hair. Don’t believe me? Watch it here.

On Friday, I put in a work order so one of FAU’s maintenance workers would fix it. Nobody came.

I pay $5,180 per semester to live in IVAS and can’t get same-day help with flooding. Absolutely crazy.

Today, I woke up to my roommate pounding on my door yelling, “It’s happening again!”

I opened my door and water came rushing to my feet. I watched in disbelief as the soapy, linty water spread all over our small kitchen and living room.

Parts of the carpet in my room are now soaked. I’m looking forward to the moldy smell.

I’m willing to bet money that this is going to grow mold and make me sick by next week.

I wonder if off-campus apartments have this issue.

My roommates and I all rushed to get as many towels as we could to block off our doorways and corral the water into one spot. But it just kept rushing from the wall next to our washing machine.

It finally stopped about two minutes later, but our apartment was already flooded. One of our roommates went downstairs to find help.

Someone who worked at the building (I didn’t catch her name) knocked on our door. She stepped through our new pool and called her supervisor.

Of course, I listened to their phone call. Her supervisor told her to call emergency maintenance – but they may not be able to come today.

I interrupted: “It’s Sunday. If this happens every time someone above us does laundry, it’s just going to keep happening.”

About 15 minutes later, she came back and told us emergency maintenance should be able to come within 30 minutes.

Over an hour later, a man came to the door with a huge vacuum. He stared at the water — too stunned to speak for a minute. “Oh no,” he said. Oh no, indeed.

After he sucked up all the water, he let me know that we would have to wait until tomorrow for someone to actually fix the issue.

I asked what I should do if it floods again before tomorrow. He shrugged and said to call the front desk and they’ll send him up to vacuum again.

If you don’t see me tomorrow, assume I’ve drowned in IVAS.

Have you or your friends have had issues with on-campus housing? If so, email me. I’d love to hear about it.

Kendall Little is the editor-in-chief at the University Press. For more information regarding this or other stories, email her at [email protected] or tweet her @klittlewrites.