GOP FAU condemns antisemitism

GOP FAU denounces antisemitism after rumors circle campus regarding their involvement.


Screenshot of GOP FAU following Tyler Russell

Savannah Peifer, Editor-in-Chief

The campus chapter of the Republican Party has officially condemned the actions of four men who entered campus Wednesday and voiced their support for Kanye (Ye) West and his recent comments about the Jewish community.

Dalton Clodfelter and Tyler Russell, non-FAU students, arrived on the Breezeway with a table that read “Ye is Right,” which quickly angered students.

The College Republicans (GOP FAU) Instagram account follows Tyler Russell. Readers have since contacted the UP wondering about the involvement of GOP FAU in their appearance on campus. 

The UP received a statement from a representative of GOP FAU denying involvement and denouncing antisemitic values. The official gave this statement on the condition of anonymity. 

“I’m not sure where you got that information from, but it’s absolutely false and defamatory in nature. We had no idea that those men were going to be there, and we absolutely do not hold any of their ideals or values,” the statement read. “The GOP here at FAU held several RJC (Republican Jewish Committee) events last semester and does not support antisemitism in any of its forms. The arrival of the Ye campaigners on campus was as much a disappointing development to us as it was to everyone else.” 

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