FBI arrests student at UVA

FBI Miami and FAU Media Relations said there is no public safety threat.


Photo of University Village Apartments courtesy of FAU.

Kendall Little, Editor-in-Chief

Editor’s Note: This story has an update that was posted on 3/21/22. Read it here.

Agents from the FBI surrounded a University Village Apartments building on Thursday morning with an arrest warrant for a student.

“This morning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation worked with the University Police Department to serve an arrest warrant for a student on the Boca Raton campus and took him into custody,” Joshua Glanzer, FAU spokesperson, told the UP. “There was no immediate threat to the campus community. The University will not offer any additional comments since this is an ongoing investigation.”

James Marshall, a public affairs officer for the FBI’s field office in Miami, reiterated that there is no public safety concern.

“The FBI was…conducting court-ordered law enforcement activity,” Marshall said. “No further information is available at this time.”

Neither the FBI nor FAU would say why the student was taken into custody. The UP is withholding his name until it can be officially confirmed.

One of the arrested student’s roommates, who did not want to publish his name, said that the agents were there for an “FBI investigation” but refused to comment any further. He took a photo that was sent to at least three people, but did not grant the UP permission to publish the photo.

The photo depicted at least five armed people wearing FBI vests by a window on the backside of UVA building 58B.

Users on social media app Yik Yak have posted about the FBI presence on campus.

Users posted to YikYak on Thursday about the FBI on campus, some searching for more information and some joking about it.

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