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Hockey: Argentinian national team welcomes back FAU student Matias Weir

Learn more about Weir’s journey returning to the Amerigol LATAM Cup and how he’s testing his limits.
Courtesy of Nicholas Cruz
Photo of Matias Weir in his Team Argentina uniform.

Florida Atlantic University hockey player Matias Weir will be skating his way back to the Amerigol Latin American (LATAM) Cup this hockey season, playing for his home country of Argentina.  

The Amerigol LATAM Cup gives many opportunities for Latin American hockey players to display their talent including Matias. This year’s cup will be the largest to date with 44 teams from 20 countries. More than 750 players participate, ranging from Men’s Divisions I and II, Women’s, Youth Under-12, Under-16, and Under-20 divisions.

Weir, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be representing his country for the fourth time in the Amerigol’s five-year history. The fifth-year graduate student has also served as a catalyst for the FAU Club Hockey Team, appearing in 75 games over the past four seasons, while also competing for the Argentinian national team. 

“Time management is a very important aspect that all college athletes and students should have. I learned a lot over the four years at FAU so I’ve had many experiences with it,” said Weir. 

He said he’s excited to get back onto the ice after participating in physical therapy and training while recovering from a high ankle sprain that he suffered earlier this year. 

“This is my favorite time of the year. I’m physically and mentally prepared for this season, and I’m happy to be healthy again,” Weir said.

Junior forward Nick Solarino, one of Weir’s teammates, spoke well about Weir and how he is a leader and very driven. 

“He always has that goal of winning a national championship,” Solarino said.

Weir mentions how he tries to encourage everyone on the team with positive criticism. Scott Herman, a junior defenseman on the FAU hockey team, mentioned that it’s an advantage to skate and practice with Weir. It allows everyone to gain a better competitive edge to their game. 

“Just by having Weir on the ice, it makes everyone around him better. It is no surprise that he has the opportunity to represent his country,” Herman said.

FAU Hockey head coach Christian Long mentions that Weir can process and execute plays at top speed, and knows how to slow down the play when needed in the right situations. 

“He has the exceptional ability to create plays when others cannot, and to anticipate not only where his teammates will be, but how the opposing team may look to defend in certain situations,” Long said. 

The challenge is how quickly teams come together in only a short time frame. As opposed to university where you’re practicing and playing over the course of eight to nine months. 

Long says, “Matias is a confident player and has the drive to be the best player possible. He truly cares about those around him and takes his experience both at FAU and with Argentina to help young hockey players all over.” 

Weir frequently skates on the ice even if it’s competitive or just for a friendly game. In his free time, Weir coaches for the 16U group at Palm Beach Hawks. “Having a coach that supports you really helps, it’s amazing.” He mentions that when it’s off season he quickly transitions into practicing for the Argentina National team. 

Team Argentina’s first game is tomorrow at 8 pm against Greece Heritage Hockey Club on Stadium Rink at the Florida Panthers Ice Den in Coral Springs.

Julia Vitoria Souza is a Contributing Writer for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or DM via Instagram @Ju1iasouza.

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