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George W. Bush visits FAU, speaks on foreign conflicts, 2024 election

President Bush was the star guest at the two-day Noble Capital Markets convention.
Sofia De La Espriella
Barry Kaye Auditorium

On Tuesday, George W. Bush, former president of the United States, captivated an audience while discussing ‘hot topics’ such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Israel-Palestine conflict, immigration, the 2024 presidential election and China.

Hundreds gathered in the Barry Kaye Auditorium at FAU’s Boca Raton campus for this hour-long exclusive conversation with Bush, moderated by Michael Kupinski, Noble’s director of research. This interview was part of NobleCon, a two-day event focusing on economic growth, business and investment.

The interview began with Kupinski asking Bush about the influence of his family, particularly his parents, during his White House tenure. 

Bush highlighted the importance of his parents’ support while he was president and continued to share anecdotes, like one involving the Russian president and Bush’s Scottish terrier, Barney. 

Bush, who typically remains away from public events, appeared quite at ease, joking and steering the conversation.

Over the hour, the dialogue shifted from personal topics to international and domestic issues. Bush spoke of his post-presidential life as an artist in Texas, emphasizing the fulfillment art brings him and the crucial role of his family during this phase of his life, a time when he rarely voices his opinions on political matters.

However, Bush did critique what he called the “isolationist movement”. Addressing U.S. involvement in Ukraine and Israel, he stressed that “how others live matters to our national security,” highlighting the need for U.S. leadership in promoting freedom and suggesting continued American global engagement.

As the interview progressed, Bush, without revealing his 2024 presidential choice, expressed skepticism about leading candidates Biden and Trump. He called for the need of “new blood” and critiqued the candidates’ ages.

“I’m too old to be president. I know what it takes to be president, and I’m younger than Biden and Trump,” Bush joked.

Bush highlighted his support for the Biden administration’s current response in Ukraine and Israel but criticized immigration policies, pointing to a “broken system” in America. 

He emphasized the federal government’s role and responsibility in managing the Southern border while also  acknowledging immigrants’ importance and contributions to the U.S., exemplified by the recently deceased Henry Kissinger, he mentioned. 

As the conversation ended, Bush reflected on what he believes to be the essentials of presidency: a mastery of U.S. history and the humility to surround oneself with knowledgeable people for collective decision-making. 

The 43rd U.S. president left the room to resounding cheers and applause asking him to run again. 

Sofia De La Espriella is the News Editor for the University Press. Email [email protected] or message her on Instagram @sofidelaespriella for information regarding this or other stories.

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