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Letters to the Editor: Current faculty, alumni respond to controversial UP cover

February 15, 2018

Four letters weigh in on January’s investigative issue into the university’s teaching evaluations, SPOTs. The cover featured engineering professor Dronnadula Reddy with the headline: “Is this FAU’s worst professor?”

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Column: Amendment 1 misleads Florida voters into limiting solar power growth

November 7, 2016

  Let me preface this by saying that I am not interested in telling people how to vote. That being said, we cannot have a free society...

Letter to the Editor: “Nadine Aly’s Response to Mr. Devolin and all Israel Apologists”

Nadine Aly

November 12, 2013

In addressing Mr. Devolin’s letter to the editor one must first emphasize that it is not only illogical but quite absurd. For those that don’t see it, allow me to point it out. To start off, it has become common practice for Israel apologists to label any individual that criticizes Israel’s discriminatory policies towards Palestinians as “anti-Semitic”....

Letter to the Editor: “SJP’s response to Mr. Mercado”

Students for Justice in Palestine at Florida Atlantic University

November 12, 2013

Mr. Abraham Mercado’s Letter to the Editor regarding the headline “Free Pizza, Free Palestine” is not only filled with inaccuracy but also inflammatory language. It shows an evident bias and misunderstanding of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and our actions as a human rights organization. For a film student, he also seems to misunderstand...

Letter to the Editor: Response to Nadine Aly “Make bridges not walls”

Michael Devolin

November 4, 2013

I was sent this letter from a friend who wanted me to respond.  It is my opinion that, if you are publishing in your paper vitriol against the State of Israel wherein the International Court of Justice and Desmond Tutu, the first an overtly anti-Jewish organization obsessed with excoriating Israel (while neglecting places like Syria and the Sudan)...

Letter to the Editor: Response to the Headline “Free Pizza, Free Palestine”

Abraham Mercado

October 28, 2013

Dear Editor,   The issue printed on October 16, 2013 with the headline "FREE PIZZA, FREE PALESTINE", was appalling and insensitive. The hurtful actions committed by the group, Students for Justice in Palestine, and their hateful words have sadly been given a voice. These students shout, “From the river, to the sea, Palestine will be...

Letter to the Editor: “In Response to Nadine Aly”

Abraham Mercado

October 14, 2013

Dear Editor:   Owls for Israel and the Zionist population on campus strongly condemn the letter to the editor titled "Build Bridges Not Apartheid Walls" by suspended SJP President Nadine Aly, published on Friday, October 4th, 2013. Aly's one-sided view of the conflict and bias in her letter are inexplicable. She referred to the International...

Letter to the Editor: “FAU is a University for Engagement–Except if You Speak Up for Human Rights”

Renata Glebocki

October 8, 2013

Dennis J. Crudele, Florida Atlantic University’s interim President has referred to FAU as a “market place of ideas.” Mr. Crudele has made similar statements in attempting to counter claims that FAU restricts freedom of speech. In response to events held by Students for Justice in Palestine, Crudele issued an implicitly anti-Palestinian stat...

Letter to the Editor: “Build Bridges Not Apartheid Walls”

Nadine Aly

October 4, 2013

It is common practice for Zionist students at FAU to comment on SJP’s mock Israeli Apartheid Wall by referring to it as a “security fence,” claiming that the term “wall” is misleading and incorrect. Such tired propaganda was negated in July of 2004 when the International Court of Justice issued in its Advisory Opinion that the wall Israel is constructing around the...

Letter to the Editor: “On Students for Justice in Palestine, from the Zionist Organization of America”

Susan Tuchman

October 3, 2013

To the Editor:   The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) played a key role in ensuring that the right of Jewish students to a safe and non-hostile campus environment is protected under federal law.  The ZOA also works closely with pro-Israel students at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Members of the anti-Israel group, Students for...

Letter to the Editor: Concerning LDR 2010

Boris Bastidas

September 22, 2013

Recently there has been much outrage and discussion in Student Government over an attempt by Student Affairs to require paid elected officials to take a one credit course in introductory leadership, known as LDR 2010.  Not surprisingly, a good amount of these officials, including the Student Body President, Vice President, Campus Governor and House Sp...

Letter to the Editor: Meatless Monday

Kenny Torrella

September 22, 2013

President Clinton, once known for his love of fast-food, has been making headlines for his recent dietary change. He’s swapped the Big Macs, chicken nuggets and fried shrimp for veggie burgers, beans and fresh fruits and vegetables. After years of battling heart problems—even undergoing quadruple bypass surgery--Clinton took his doctor’s advice to re...