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FAU unveils fall 2024 freshman numbers and new dorms for 2026

Florida Atlantic University’s increase in freshman applications for the fall semester raises concerns about housing and accommodating the growing student population. The university responds with plans to build new dorms for fall 2026.
Michael Cook
FAU signage on the second floor of the Breezeway.

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) received a record-breaking number of 47,314 freshman applications for the fall 2024 semester — a May 17 public records request obtained by the University Press listed that only 23,900 freshman applicants were offered admission. 

According to the May 17 records, the university anticipates a class size of about 4,200 incoming freshmen in the fall. However, FAU’s public records specialist Rachelle Hollingsworth, notes that these enrollment figures change daily. Last fall, the university admitted over 5,500 freshmen, indicating a potential decrease in enrollment this year. 

FAU spokesperson Joshua Glanzer explained in an email statement that due to the growing academic reputation and popularity brought on by the recent success of the men’s basketball team, the university has witnessed a surge in interest in applying to FAU. As a result, the minimum admission requirements have been raised over the past two years. 

“The average GPA of those applying for admission is 3.95, while ACT scores now average 24, up from a 3.86 GPA and an average ACT score of 23 in 2022,” wrote Jonathan Fraysure, FAU’s director of communications, in an April article. “Deposits are also up 12 percent compared to one year ago. To manage the significant increase, FAU started a waitlist process for first-year student applications this year […] ​​This process will help the university manage overall enrollment numbers, building use, retention rates and access to courses.”

FAU upperclassmen expressed their concerns about the university’s ability to offer adequate housing for the growing student population, particularly with the incoming freshmen.

Criminal justice senior Haley Sciole sees the increase of interest in applications as a positive sign of growth for FAU. However, she recognizes that the university must effectively address ongoing issues to maintain a high-quality educational experience.

“The amount of professors, classes and classrooms isn’t as big of an issue compared to the housing crisis many of us students are experiencing,” Sciole said. “This issue should be tackled before anything, given we live in one of the most expensive parts of the country. The sooner we can build more on-campus housing, the better.”

According to Glanzer, freshman and sophomore students are prioritized for on-campus housing, as studies have shown that on-campus living aids in a smooth transition from high school to college. He says this is FAU’s third year of housing waitlists due to an influx in on-campus housing applications and a limited supply of affordable local housing. 

“We understand the local market has made off-campus living a challenge for students and their families, and we are in the process of seeking approval to build more university housing,” Glanzer said. “This is a complex permitting and building process, and the earliest this will be completed is the fall of 2026. Meanwhile, if a student needs off-campus housing, there are several local apartment communities who market directly to students.” 

Like many other students, Civil engineering senior Sidney Moore faced housing insecurities that prompted him to relocate to off-campus housing. 

“They displaced or rather denied housing to thousands of students last year who were promised a place to live,” Moore said. “This not only caused students to spiral and find places to live in or around Boca Raton but also created a shift in the atmosphere on campus.”

Michael Cook is a News Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected]

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