SG Parking Citation Forgiveness Program temporarily inactive

SG had to take this program offline because its funding ran out, but hopes it will be functioning after Spring Break when more funding becomes available.


Student Government logo. Photo courtesy of SG.

Jessica Abramsky, News Editor

Editor’s Note: The UP updated this story on March 4 with information about the FAU Boca House of Representatives passing an emergency bill to give more funding to the Parking Citation Forgiveness Program.

SG’s Parking Citation Forgiveness Program was made inactive on March 1 due to insufficient funding, but SG hopes to fix this and have the program up and running after Spring Break.

Students who received parking citations on campus were able to have their tickets forgiven by SG. Essentially, SG was paying for their tickets. Because so many people applied to have a citation forgiven, the program ran out of funding that was more than last year’s.

“At this time, the Parking Citation Forgiveness program has been suspended due to insufficient funds. Our CFO Reilly Bridgers has already set up a plan to secure the funding for the continuation of this program as soon as possible. This is not the end of the program, and I call for all students not to worry. The program will be back stronger than ever,” Vice President Dalia Calvillo wrote in a statement.

SG Chief Financial Officer Reilly Bridgers said that SG did not expect a significant rise in the program’s popularity and monthly requests.

“This may be due to increased citations issued from Parking and Transportation. As a result, the program budget went down to $0. I have written an emergency bill with the Boca Raton Treasurer, and the Boca Raton SAVI [Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement] Director to provide emergency funding. If the Boca House passes that bill, the program should resume Monday the 6th of March,” Bridgers wrote in a statement.

The Boca House of Representatives passed this bill at their March 3 meeting.

Representative Raymond Adderly was weary of passing this bill.

“$2,000 is what the PAC is asking for to solve this. The average parking ticket is $25, which means that only 80 students on this campus that will get served out of how many? 32,000?” Adderly said.

Bridgers wrote that Boca Treasurer Stefan Andjelkovic will reopen the form on March 6 and make sure waitlisted students who’ve brought cans will have their tickets forgiven.

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