Gallery: Owls Fly Away with Shula Bowl

josh talero 4Josh Talero | Contributing Photographer

Head Coach Charlie Partridge leading the Owls out of the tunnel. This is Partridge’s first Shula Bowl win, 31-17.

josh talero 1Josh Talero | Contributing Photographer

The Owls prepare to kick off to FIU in the first half of play at the 14th annual Shula Bowl.

FAUvFIU_Emily Creighton-0147Emily Creighton | Features Editor

Freshman running back Trey Rodriguez (22) kicks off the game by running the ball. He was an MVP of this year’s Shula Bowl.

UPWEB_ FAUvsFIU _Mohammed F Emran-3676Mohammed F Emran | Asst. Creative Director

Freshmen running back Trey Rodriguez runs for five yards in for a touchdown, making the score 7-0. He totaled 140 yards against FIU.

Fau vs. Fiu_Jonathan Scott_1Jonathan Scott | Contributing Photographer

FAU and FIU face off in the 14th annual Shula Bowl, which also coincided with FAU’s Homecoming celebration.

FAU v. FIU_Max Jackson_001Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

FAU running back Buddy Howell (9) attempts to break a tackle to pick up a first down in the first half.

FAUvFIU_Emily Creighton-0175Emily Creighton | Features Editor

Sophomore wide receiver Henry Bussey (1) fends off FIU senior cornerback Jeremiah McKinnon (7).

josh talero 2Josh Talero | Contributing Photographer

Sophomore running back Henry Bussey (1) avoiding FIU defenders. He caught four completions for a total of 48 yards.

Fau vs. Fiu_Jonathan Scott_2Jonathan Scott | Contributing Photographer

FAU wide receiver Tony Thomas (83) looks for route upfield after his only reception against FIU for seven yards.

FAUvFIU_Emily Creighton-0293Emily Creighton | Features Editor

Head coach Charlie Partridge waves to attendees in the boxes alongside freshman safety Rodrick Archer (21).

josh talero 3Josh Talero | Contributing Photographer

Senior cornerback Cre’von LeBlanc (7) celebrates after a successful pass deflection against FIU.

UPWEB_ FAUvsFIU _Mohammed F Emran-3885Mohammed F Emran | Asst. Creative Director

Sophomore wide receiver Henry Bussey (1) stiff arms FIU’s junior safety Deonte Wilson (28) while being tackled by cornerback Richard Leonard (3).

Fau vs. Fiu_Jonathan Scott_3Jonathan Scott | Contributing Photographer

Redshirt senior defensive lineman Brandin Bryant (2) tackles Panther’s running back Alex Gardner (1).

FAUvFIU_Emily Creighton-0843Emily Creighton | Features Editor

With a little over five minutes left in the second quarter, FAU quarterback Jaquez Johnson (32) carries the ball, going head-to-head with FIU’s sophomore linebacker Anthony Wint (53).

FAU v. FIU_Max Jackson_002Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

Akeem Edwards and Kristie Caton pose with FAU President John Kelly after being crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

UPWEB_ FAUvsFIU _Mohammed F Emran-4156Mohammed F Emran | Asst. Creative Director

Senior wide receiver Jenson Stoshak (88) makes a catch from Johnson and runs out of bounds.

FAU v. FIU_Max Jackson_004Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

True freshman Jalen Young (18) runs down the sideline after an interception at the FAU 42 yard line, which he ran back for a 85 yard touchdown. Young’s touchdown widened the Owls’ lead to 20 points.

UPWEB_ FAUvsFIU _Mohammed F Emran-4011Mohammed F Emran | Asst. Creative Director

Sophomore running back Greg Howell (9) sacks FIU’s sophomore quarterback Alex McGough (12). He tied the record for the number of sacks.

UPWEB_ FAUvsFIU _Mohammed F Emran-4042Mohammed F Emran | Asst. Creative Director

Sophomore wide receiver Kamrin Solomon (82) runs, making a first down while being tackled by Panther’s linebacker Jordan Guest (57) and cornerback Jeremiah McKinnon (7).

Fau vs. Fiu_Jonathan Scott_4Jonathan Scott | Contributing Photographer

FAU’s Senior defensive back Sharrod Neasman (29) tackles Panthers tight end Akil Dan-Fodio.

FAU v. FIU_Max Jackson_003 Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

FIU quarterback Alex McGough (12) fumbles the ball after being hit by Owls’ Trey Hendrickson (9) and Brandin Bryant (2). FIU immediately recovered the ball for a loss of two yards.

Fau vs. Fiu_Jonathan Scott_5Jonathan Scott | Contributing Photographer

FAU freshman Trey Rodriguez (22) recieves pass from QB Jaquez Johnson.

FAUvFIU_Emily Creighton-0621 Emily Creighton | Features Editor

Redshirt freshman quarterback Jason Driskel (16) runs the ball into the endzone from the six yard line for the Owls’ second touchdown, making the score 14-0 FAU.

josh talero 5 Josh Talero | Contributing Photographer

Senior cornerback Cre’von LeBlanc (7) defending FIU receiver.

FAU v. FIU_Max Jackson_005 Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

FAU players pose with the Shula Bowl trophy after their 31-17 victory over FIU. Randell Johnson can be seen in the white shirt next to the trophy, he returned to FAU for homecoming and currently plays on the Buffalo Bills.