Gallery: Owl’s Baseball Beats UM 5-3 Wednesday Night

FAUvUM_Friswell_10Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
University of Miami fans packed the house for a cold Wednesday night game.

FAUvUM_Friswell_07Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
University of Miami players look out at the field patiently, waiting for the game to start.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_001 Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Starting pitcher for the Owls, Brandon Rhodes (28) threw six straight shutout innings. This is his third career victory as starting pitcher over Miami.

FAUvUM_Friswell_09Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
Brendon Sanger (23) celebrates after scoring in the bottom of the first inning. The junior scored one run during the Owls’ 5-3 win.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_002Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Miami pitcher Derik Beauprez (34) and Zack Collins (0) talk on the mound after FAU scored its second run in the bottom of the first.

FAUvUM_Friswell_02Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
Senior infielder Ricky Santiago (2) rears back to throw out a runner at first.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_003Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Edgar Michelangeli (42) rounds third on a two-out fly ball in the top of the second.

FAUvUM_Friswell_04Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
The FAU Owls now hold an undefeated record as they get ready for their weekend series versus Ohio State.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_004Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Christian Dicks (11) sacrifice bunts in the bottom of the second to put Putera on third and Chatham on second.

FAUvUM_Friswell_03Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
Stephen Kerr (6) fields a ground ball against the Miami Hurricanes. The sophomore infielder had two hits in the game.

Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Miami catcher Zack Collins (0) tags CJ Chatham (10) out at home plate for the second out of the second inning.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_022Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Owl’s CJ Chatham (10) signals that he is safe while being called “out” by the umpire.

FAUvUM_Friswell_01Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
Christian Dicks (11) celebrates with a teammate after the end of an inning. The junior did not record a hit in two at-bats against the Hurricanes.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_023Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Sophomore pitcher Cooper Hammond (39) subbed in the game for Ryan Otero (27) in the bottom of the seventh.

FAUvUM_Friswell_06Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
Brett Lashley (12) runs after making contact with a pitch. The Junior from Lake Worth, FL now has a batting average of .400 four games into the season.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_021Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Coach McCormack speaks with the home plate umpire in between innings.

FAUvUM_Friswell_05Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
Santiago (2) makes contact with a Miami pitch. He went 2 for 5 with an rbi during the 5-3 win against the Hurricanes.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_024Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Santiago (2) beats the throw to second after attempting to steal in the bottom of the seventh.

FAUvUM_Friswell_08Michelle Friswell | Associate Editor
Sanger (23) attempts to escape a rundown between first and second base. Sanger has two stolen bases this year.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_027Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Ricky Eusebio (2) congratulates Carl Chester (45) on his way home after hitting a home run to put Miami up in the top of the eighth.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_025Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Chester (45) celebrates with his teammates after his home run.

FAU v. UM_BB_Max Jackson_026Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Chatham (10) high fives Sanger (23) as he scores the tying run in the top of the eighth.