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Letter to the Editor: Jupiter students suggest priority parking

Students of the Wilkes Honors College propose implementing a system that prioritizes seniority when assigning parking spots.

This letter has been edited for brevity and clarity.

To whom it may concern within the FAU (Florida Atlantic University) Administration and the FAU Department of Parking and Transportation,  

As concerned students of the Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University, we write this complaint to address the most pressing issue of limited student parking. It is unfair for the student-to-parking ratio to be as unbalanced as it is currently. Further, it is disheartening to witness fellow students be ticketed– sometimes even blocked into spaces– for parking in “inappropriate” areas such as the grass or Red Permit Only spaces when there is a noticeable lack of available appropriate parking. This situation causes unnecessary stress and distracts us from our education.  

The current chaotic situation lacks a fair allocation of parking spots based on seniority, leading to frustration and inconvenience among students who have been attending this institution for several years. By implementing a system that prioritizes seniority when assigning parking spots– this would come either included with or as a small additional cost to the already-required parking permit– we can ensure that long-term students are rewarded for their commitment to the school with a stress-free parking experience.  

To further address this issue, it is crucial that stricter means be taken to enforce the rule that only authorized vehicles are allowed access to the designated parking lot (Lot 77), if not at all times, then at least when Abacoa is hosting events. Besides the case of weekend event goers, there are almost daily instances of Abacoa customers and residents parking in FAU’s Lot 77, as it has no signage or enforcement to prevent these occurrences. Multiple student accounts describe resorting to parking on the grass while actively watching non-student community members use our parking lot. Access could be monitored by members of the Parking and Transportation staff or members of the FAU Jupiter Police Department who have a patrol car stationed adjacent to the lot in question. This will help act as a preventative measure for unauthorized individuals occupying our educational institution’s scarce and valuable parking resources.  

We strengthen and support our cause with relevant facts and statistics: 

  1. The current number of available student-designated parking spots falls significantly short compared to the total number of enrolled students at the Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University (approximately 190 parking spaces in Lot 77, including spaces in front of the Residence Hall buildings, compared to around 600 students).  
  1. An initial inquiry by a student-conducted survey in an informal setting showed that 85% of students find available student parking to be inadequate, with 9% finding it adequate and the remaining 5% remaining indifferent to the matter.
  2. On the 29th of August 2023, one student, refraining from being named, found their vehicle blocked by sand-filled roadblocks after being forced to park on the grass due to inadequate parking availability (image below).
  1. Residential vehicles belonging to Parking and Transportation staff members take up a sizable portion of Lot 77.  
  1. Much of the could-be student parking in Lots 71-75 is set aside for faculty and staff, commuting students and is used as Abacoa and Roger Dean event parking.  

By communicating this, we urge school administrators and local authorities, including but not limited to the FAU Jupiter Police Department, the FAU Department of Parking and Transportation, the MacArthur Campus Student Government, and the MacArthur Campus Resident Student Association (MacRSA), to take immediate action towards rectifying these issues:  

  1. Implement a fair system that assigns student parking spots based on seniority AND properly advertise Blue Permit parking in Lots 71-75 as overflow for underclassmen who do not receive assigned parking spots.  
  2. Following student seniority, Parking and Transportation staff should receive prime parking spaces in the larger Lot 72 and reserve the smaller Lot 77 for students.  
  3. Increase the number of designated student-parking areas close to campus buildings.
  4. Enforce stricter regulations regarding unauthorized parking in student-designated spaces. 
  5. Decrease the number of parking spots reserved for commuting students in Lots 71, 73, 74, and 75 and convert said spaces into additional Blue Permit parking.  

Together, we can create a more equitable and efficient parking system that prioritizes the needs of students, faculty, and staff members. Let us ensure that our educational environment remains conducive to learning by addressing this pressing issue promptly and professionally.  

Thank you for your support in making positive changes within our community.  


Anna Murphy and Darsham Gonzalez

[email protected], [email protected]

If you would like to submit a Letter to the Editor email [email protected].

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