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Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


COLUMN: How does FAU handle sexual misconduct? We want to hear your story.

The UP is investigating how FAU handles sexual assault and harassment, and we want to hear about your experience.

My name is Kayla Barnes and I am writing a story about how Florida Atlantic University handles sexual misconduct.

I am reaching out to you— students, faculty, staff and alums— to invite you to share your experiences and/or perspectives on this matter. 

Any kind of information is useful. Even if you did not report, if it happened a long time ago, or if you choose not to go on the record.

I believe it is crucial to examine FAU’s policies and practices and the support systems it offers students. 

To clarify, FAU defines sexual misconduct as sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. 

It can affect anyone regardless of gender, and perpetrators can also be of any gender. 

I understand the sensitivity of this topic and respect your privacy. You can choose to remain anonymous and I will ensure the confidentiality of your information. 

I will not ask you for a detailed recounting of acts of sexual violence. I will also not ask you for the name of the aggressor or any other personal questions. This article is not about one particular case but rather the general handling of cases.

I am interested in what happened after the misconduct. For example, did you go to Victim Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, or any other FAU organization and what was your experience? This may give future survivors information on what to expect. 

Again, any information is helpful and appreciated. You can help me write an informed and comprehensive piece, even if you choose to remain anonymous to the public. 

Contact me by email at [email protected].

If you don’t want me to know your identity, submit to this one-question survey. Emails and names are not collected.

The information you provide will not be quoted or referenced in the article. But it will provide direction during the reporting process.

Kayla Barnes is a contributing writer for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, you can reach Kayla at [email protected].

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