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Opinion: Safety should be the top priority before reopening

July 29, 2020

“FAU has announced that they will be returning to campus in the fall in a hybrid format, but is it feasible?” asks Contributing Writer Natalia Ribeiro.

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Opinion: Six lessons from last week’s diversity meetings

July 20, 2020

Over the past week, the Division of Student Affairs hosted a series of “discussions to provide a foundation from which we can build the next steps of a better experience for our current and future FAU students,” according to an email sent out o...

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Opinion: Why I celebrated America on the Fourth of July

July 7, 2020

“Sure, it isn’t perfect right now, but why not celebrate the start of the progress towards a perfect country? Each of the rights that were written down and signed for on July 4 are still being used to make this country better, and it’s something to be thankful for,” Features Editor Colby Guy writes.

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Opinion: So, why are we celebrating the Fourth of July again?

July 5, 2020

“I'm just a bit confused about why Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, but I really can’t blame our citizens. We’ve forgotten the true meaning of the holiday, and that’s no one’s fault but time itself,” writes News Editor Regina Holloway.

To Sports Editor Jensen Jennings, a merger between Conference USA and the Sun Belt Conference would be great for all parties involved. Graphic by Creative Director Michelle Rodriguez.

Opinion: Conference realignment in the wake of the coronavirus would be a win for FAU

July 5, 2020

A C-USA and Sun Belt merger is good for all teams involved.

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Coronavirus Column: Experiencing COVID-19 without contracting it

July 2, 2020

News Editor Regina Holloway details the effects of COVID-19, without having the virus at all.

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Opinion: The death of Ahmaud Arbery is not as complex as some say

June 28, 2020

Editors Note: This opinion has been updated to reflect the depiction of Arbery in the video. On Feb. 23, 25-year old Ahmaud Arb...

One of the many signs at the peaceful protest on the intersection of Glades and State Road 7 in Boca Raton. Photo by Alex Liscio.

Column: I went to a Black Lives Matter protest

June 19, 2020

“I think many young people have a false impression that activism requires complete dedication or a future involving it, but the way I see it is that activism should be a part of every young person's life in some way, shape, or form,” said Sheza Ali, one of the protest organizers.

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Coronavirus Column: How I use my free time in quarantine

June 4, 2020

During this pandemic, finding things to do that make me happy have been helping with my mental health and has made me gain a new perspective on life.

Opinion: Black Lives Matter isn’t a social media trend, people are getting killed

Opinion: Black Lives Matter isn’t a social media trend, people are getting killed

June 3, 2020

If you’re only posting a black square on your Instagram, your performative activism is showing.

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OPINION: George Floyd, Amy Cooper, and the injustice of White Privilege

May 30, 2020

George Floyd’s life didn’t matter to Derek Chauvin.   That’s what stood out to me as I watched the video of the 46-y...

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Coronavirus Column: How I maintained my mental health during a pandemic

May 21, 2020

This pandemic had made me forget about the things I enjoyed, whether it was exercising, writing, or my faith, and something inside of me is telling me that this is the same for a lot of other people as well.