Letter to the Editor: SG Banquet committee failed student leaders, attendees


Editor’s note: An SG official wrote the following on the condition of anonymity after the SG RSO banquet Friday.

I am truly disappointed after attending the Student Government Banquet. Coming from someone who works within SG, the banquet held on April 14 to so-called honor hardworking student leaders was nothing but an unfortunate display and confirmation of the truth that SG is a facade. 

As the University Press uncovered, the banquet cost almost $14,000 – more than triple their budget for the event. If this was the case, how did organizers fail to have nearly enough food for attendees? That’s right. Dinner was over before it was even fully served. By the time the last group of tables was called to get food, there was nothing left but salad and broccoli. Even if there had been enough food, no subsequent vegetarian option was available, as the heart of the meal was chicken. Student Government leaders made no apologies when it became painfully obvious that the food had run out before the awards began, and many attendees did not get to eat. Instead, a representative of SG announced that there were cupcakes in the center of the room, which had also already run out at that point. 

The awards: I would like to know who is on the voting committee for these awards. I believe that the committee is comprised of a group of students who only represent one side of the polarized Student Government. The students who received awards last night were deserving, but it is ridiculous that committee nominations blindsided students with multiple nominations. If there is going to be a committee, it should involve Students from all areas of Student Government. Vania Bocage, a banquet committee member, received an award for Boca Raton Organization Member of the Year with just two nominations. Maleeha Burney received 11 nominations for the same award. Unfortunately, many students did not receive any credit for their hard work this year. And leaders saw awards in their categories go to students unbeknownst to them, who were never involved in their organizations. 

For example, the Boca Raton Event Excellence award went to the Black Student Union’s Battle of the Sexes, which received a mere 3 nominations. Compared to the First and Proud Winter Wonderland Ball, which received ten nominations. Even more absurd example, the Judicial Excellence Award: Student Government Chief Justice Benjamin Cohen received 18 nominations compared to award winner Quincy Thervil, who received one singular nomination! The only possible explanation for this extreme discrepancy is that the committee that selected award winners was biased. What is the point of having students nominate and vote for winners, only to select people with next to no votes? 

Student Government should apologize and give recognition to the real winners of each category. And they should hand over a list of committee members as well. 

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