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Why leaders should be a part of FAU’s legislative internship program

State Representative Toby Overdorf and Joseph Guzzi promote the legislative program as they see it as an opportunity to succeed in the state capital and in academics.

Florida Atlantic University’s Florida Legislative Internship Program (FLIP) provides students with a tremendous opportunity. Writing this joint letter to the editor as a State Representative and an Intern shows that we have a strong belief that this program gives all students who participate an opportunity to succeed in our state capital and in academics. 

The legislature enacts a multitude of legislation that affect Floridians and often shape policy for our nation. In 2023 our office had the ability to do our part in tackling issues surrounding Florida’s environment, human trafficking, opioid abuse, pathways for foster children, and much more. The FLIP program provides interns with the ability to partake in this lawmaking process.

Interns frequently research legislation, draft talking points, and fulfill urgent projects that match the ever-changing pace in the Capital. Each day during our legislative session offers interns the ability to define who they are inside and outside of the capitol. Interns have the ability to participate in networking events that create relationships that will last far after the internship has concluded. Florida Atlantic Interns also have the ability to network with interns from other universities across the State. 

Learning about the lawmaking process up close offers students with vital knowledge that is second to none. Regardless of major or career track, the program provides all students with vital skills that are necessary in careers ranging from politics to business and to anything in between. In fact, most legislators have a career outside of their public service. Each legislator, aide, and intern takes their unique set of beliefs and skills to the capitol every year to work for the citizens of Florida. This program was built to give FAU students the opportunity to further themselves for the greater good. 

Since the Internship takes place in the state capitol, Interns will live in Tallahassee for the duration of the 2024 legislative session. Florida Atlantic provides students with a living stipend and accommodations during their time in Tallahassee. The school also covers the costs associated with travel to and from Tallahassee as well as for one trip home in between. Florida Atlantic covers these costs so students can maximize their success and not have a financial burden that many internships tend to pose. Students will also be completing twelve credits of coursework that are tailored to the internship experience. 

We both believe that it is important for all students to consider being a part of this Internship program. It provides students with quality legislative experience and tools needed to succeed in any career. Coming from a biology grad and a current political science student we understand how people of any track can partake in this experience and come out well rounded. Most importantly, this program will allow you to build lasting relationships with your peers regardless of political affiliations. We hope you build relationships and life skills just as we did while serving the people of Florida as a legislative intern.


The deadline to apply for consideration is Oct. 15.


State Representative Toby Overdorf (FAU MS ’98, MBA ’07), and Joseph Guzzi


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