Letter to the Editor: Clarification by Isabella Donadio Pizzolato, SG presidential candidate

SG elections will take place on Feb. 22 through Owl Central.


Photo courtesy of Pizzolato.

Isabella Donadio Pizzolato, Guest Contributor

To my fellow FAU students, this is a clarification on my prior statements:

I want to make changes in order to achieve better outcomes that will benefit students. I don’t know everything yet, but I believe that with kindness and hard work we can achieve great things. Students need to be heard and cared for; they need someone that can actually listen and work on addressing their concerns. They don’t need to have a president just to fill a position, they need a leader, someone that can lead the organization forward towards bigger and more successful goals.

Moreover, I might not have a background with SG, but I was already a leader before. I am not only someone that can represent all minorities such as international students. I also graduated (AA) with a 4.0GPA, honors college, and being part of the honors society. I also received an excellence award for being on the top 10 students at PBSC. My work was also chosen to be published in the school journal at PBSC. I am saying these things just to prove that I take things seriously and I can get things done.

Regarding FAU projects, I think we need to make more than just superficial and short-term goals. We need to think bigger on what is proven to help students succeed, and mental health is a big part of it, for instance.  Every concern will be taken into account and addressed individually.

What can we do now that can help not only students in the present, but future ones too?  I believe that together we can answer these questions.

– Isabella Donadio Pizzolato, candidate for student body president


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