FAUPD unveils its new car: The Guardian

The department officially unveiled their community engagement vehicle, deemed “The Guardian”, on Feb 16.


Photo by Justine Kantor

Justine Kantor, News Editor

The FAU Police Department revealed their newly wrapped vehicle on Feb. 16, a red and blue ombre car complete with the university logo, a picture of Howard Schnellenberger stadium, and Owlsley. 

Students can expect to see the car, named “The Guardian”, at special events or randomly, and are welcome to take pictures of it and start a conversation with police officers. 

The Guardian is “a community engagement vehicle,” according to FAUPD. The goal of the car is to inspire students to talk to officers – about anything they want.

“If [students] have questions, if they just are curious about something, if they’re interested in Criminal Justice, then they can always reach out to us and we can try to help as much as we can,” said Sergeant Chelsea John-Williams.

Captain Larry Ervin hopes the vehicle will spark conversations with students who have an interest in the department.

“We are hoping to answer any questions through personal contact and to offer some insight on some of our services,” Ervin said. 

Police Officer Efren Johnson believes that the name “The Guardian” has a lot of significance in itself.

“As police officers, we might not know anyone on campus but it’s our job to keep them safe,” said Johnson. “That’s what a guardian does.”

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