FAQs about the FAU Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for formulating budgets, review performances, housing budgets and more.


Eston Parker III

Chief of FAU’s Board of Trustees, Anthony Barber (left), and FAU President John Kelly sit together during FAU’s victory over Western Kentucky on January 20, 2022.

Kizzy Azcarate, Student Life Editor

The Board of Trustees is an entity that not many students know about. The UP dug up exactly what they do to highlight the importance of the board.

What does the Board of Trustees do?

The BoT is responsible for formulating budgets, review performances, housing budgets and more. In recent years, BoT has made decisions regarding increases in student housing rent, daycare, tuition, and anti-discrimination policy changes. BoT holds a considerable amount of power when deciding the necessary changes needed to uphold FAU’s pedigree.

“Pretty much every major decision that affects students overall gets approved by the board,” said Student Body Vice President Lily MacDonald.

Who is on the Board of Trustees?

The BoT is made up of 13 members: six are appointed by the Florida Governor, six by the Board of Governors, and the student body president.

The Board of Governors is a 17-member group that is the governing body of the State University System of Florida. The six appointees chosen by the Board of Governors must go through a confirmation by the Florida Senate.

When asked about the importance of having the student body president as a conduit for students, MacDonald said, “The student body president is there to ask questions to make sure that everything they’re passing is in the overall benefit of all the students.”

How often do the Board of Trustees meet?

According to the BoT’s “Upcoming Meeting” page, the board is set to have four meetings for the remainder of the 2022, not including the BoT retreat which will take place on Sept. 19 and 20.

Kizzy Azcarate is the Student Life Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, tweet her @Kizzy_kinz or [email protected]