Photo Gallery: Program Board Hosts Egyptian Themed Fashion Show


Mohammed Emran | Contributing Photographer

Mohammed F Emran, Contributing Photographer

The Program Board held a fashion show Wednesday night where FAU student designers showcased their outfits. Designers like junior multimedia studies major Dara Jendayi, who is also the president of the Fashion Forward club at FAU, got to show off their hard work. The club helps students connect to the real fashion industry.

The theme of the show was Urban Egyptian Hieroglyphic Symbols, and featured designs by Spiffy, Queen Trends, Armida Made, J-Franklin Co., Soflo and B. English Co.

“It’s to show everyone a preview and get them excited about the show in April,” Jendayi says.

The April show will be a lot bigger, Jendayi added and will feature some 30 models.

Don’t miss it April 14. at 7 p.m. in the Grand Palm Room.