Opinion: Boca campus governor should be impeached over lavish spending

Luke Turner’s misuse of Student Government money is one of the many reasons why he deserves to lose his position of power.


Gov. Luke Turner has already spent more than half the yearly budget, according to the Articles of Impeachment written by former SG member Sayd Hussain. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Alexander Suarez, Contributing Writer

Editor’s note: Alex Suarez is a member of the House of Representatives in FAU’s Student Government.

Tomorrow will be a historic day for Student Government as we will decide whether or not to remove current Boca campus Gov. Luke Turner from office during the House of Representatives meeting.

Sayd Hussain, a former associate justice of the Student Court, filed impeachment charges against Turner for allegedly misusing funds and neglecting his duties as a leader, as previously reported by the University Press.

Hussain quit as associate justice due to Turner’s performance as governor, saying, “I do not want to be a part of a Student Government that supports [corruption],” during a Nov. 2 House of Representatives meeting.

Impeaching the campus governor will not be an easy task, as we will need have to convince about 30 representatives to vote in our favor.

The lavish lifestyle and trips maintained by Turner should make all students ashamed he is their elected official.

The witnesses in Turner’s defense will no doubt say that Turner is of good character, is part of a fraternity, and is a popular and honorable guy. None of this has anything to do with why he spent $4,000 on a campus address that only about 50 people attended.

Former campus Gov. Der’Resha Bastien had more than 80 people at her campus address and spent a mere $186. This means Turner spent 21.5 times more money on his event.

This is just one of the many examples of his corruption and misuse of SG funds.

He also went to a hotel in Washington, D.C. using SG money, which cost $3,348. This was a trip that made him miss the first governmental session of the semester.

This misuse of money is just one of the multiple problems that calls for Turner to be impeached.

But don’t just take my word for it.

I spoke with Rep. Michaelangelo Hamilton about why he felt that the governor’s impeachment is the right course of action.

He stated, “I support impeachment since we need to hold the governor accountable. The wasteful spending has a negative impact on the student body and we must exercise our checks and balances on his authority. The student body deserves better.”

Hamilton and I are among the three sponsors of the impeachment bill against Turner, along with Rep. Leanet Gutierrez.

I also asked Brad Casson, a senior political science major and communications minor who volunteers for Owl Radio, about if he thinks Turner’s overspending and mismanagement of funds has affected student media.

“College media is already underfunded as it is. It’s frustrating knowing the governor spent as much as he did. That money could have been used to fund other student organizations on campus,” he said.

In a time when electoral corruption is widespread, honest candidates can get screwed over. It is time for us to act with honesty in politics in Student Government, and in any capacity that we can as elected officials.

Tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. in the Student Union House Chambers, the House of Representatives will meet to discuss Turner’s impeachment. I can only hope they make the choice that’s best for SG and the student body as a whole.

Alex Suarez is a contributing writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].