Former Student Government member looks to impeach Boca campus governor

Sayd Hussain is claiming that Luke Turner neglected his governmental duties and misused SG funds.


One of the complaints in the Articles of Impeachment is that Gov. Luke Turner spent $4,000 on his State of the Campus address, shown above, while previous governors have spent less than $200 on the event. Photo by Emma Saunders

Sophie Siegel, Staff Writer

A former Student Court associate justice is looking to impeach Boca campus Gov. Luke Turner.


The “Articles of Impeachment” against Turner were filed and written by Sayd Hussain, who recently resigned from the Student Court. The document accuses Turner of “malfeasance,” which is a wrongdoing by a public official, and “misfeasance,” which is an act from a public official that breaks the law, alongside “neglect of duty” and “incompetence.”


“Misfeasance is legal but wrong. Malfeasance is illegal and wrong,” the articles — which are “sponsored,” or supported by, Rep. Leanet Gutierrez — state.


The biggest argument in the articles concerned Turner’s budget and spending. Hussain argues that Turner has spent too much of his budget since taking over this past summer — specifically “22,214.38 (61.7%) out of his $36,000 budget,” the articles state.


“I personally feel there hasn’t been a lot of money allocated going to the actual students,” Hussain told the University Press.  


Turner also had an agreement with the Freshmen Class Council (FCC), which is an SG leadership program for freshmen, to set $6,000 for their use, but only offered $4,500, said Boca governor Cabinet Treasurer Gabriella Webb. She added that nothing has been finalized, and that budget numbers will be amended at the next House of Representatives meeting this Friday.

Webb said, “The [FCC] was supposed to … take money from his account.”


She added that the FCC liaison, VerShona Dean, is not getting paid, as her stipend was supposed to come out of the governor’s budget.


Another concern of Hussain’s is the $4,000 Turner spent on his campus address, which was attended by 50 people. Past Governor Der’Resha Bastien spent $184 on her address, according to the articles.


Director of Multicultural Programming Elijah Colas also had his concerns about Turner’s spending. He felt spending $4,000 on the campus address was not an appropriate use of funds, calling it “incompetence.”


“It’s OK for us to disagree, but the fact that you say this [is] an appropriate use of money, now I have to ask — are you really competent in your job?” Colas said to the UP.


Turner also spent $3,348 for a two-person trip to D.C. for a SG conference, which is more than he would have spent otherwise because he was allegedly late on registration and hotel reservations, according to the articles. The governor and his Chief of Staff Karina Cruz also overstayed an extra day after the conference was over. The money spent on the trip is covered by a fee students pay as part of their tuition, called Activity and Service Fees.


Hussain said he quit SG as a result of these actions.


“I do not want to be a part of a Student Government that supports [corruption],” he said during a Nov. 2 House of Representatives meeting.


“I personally felt like I did not have a place in Student Government … People are trying to undermine who I am because of all of this. I’d rather do this as a student rather than a justice,” he later told the UP.


He also mentioned in the articles that an outside party called him and “put pressure” on him to drop the impeachment charges or he’d “be implicated in a sexual harassment scandal.”


There was supposed to be a meeting held between him and the Boca governor to discuss the impeachment charges, but Turner cancelled the meeting, Hussain said.


Turner said he will “not be answering any clarification” on the impeachment articles at this time during the Nov. 2 House meeting.


The Articles of Impeachment will be voted on during the next House meeting this Friday, held in the Student Union House Chambers at 3:30 p.m.

Sophie Siegel is a staff writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].