Football: Five things Lane Kiffin has probably been more excited about than his “hype” video

From his own team trying to get him yelled at to actually getting yelled at by Nick Saban, we take a look at five things Kiffin would be more excited about than shooting a video.


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Hans Belot Jr., Sports Editor

In a video promo to excite students and fans about the 2017 recruiting class and the season, Lane Kiffin looked as enthusiastic as ever to be the new head coach.

Sort of.

Kind of.

Not really.

As national recruiting day approaches, the Florida Atlantic football media department created a video to hype fans about the coming class and the upcoming season. Really, Kiffin looked as excited as ever.

Despite his lack of emotion, we decided to find five times Kiffin was more excited than in his hype video:

That time when he thought he was going to be the head coach of the University of Houston

Back in December 2016, reports came in that the University of Houston was closing in on hiring Kiffin as their next head coach to succeed Tom Herman who was hired by the University of Texas.

However, the Board of Regents at the university said the Cougars were never even close to hiring the former Alabama offensive coordinator.

Kiffin was probably already looking forward to a program that finished 13-1 in 2015, and most likely more excited than the “hype” video shot for football.

That time when Nick Saban was yelling at him (we picked one out of the possible hundreds)

Up 38-10 with 48 seconds to go the game versus Western Kentucky University earlier in the 2016 season, one would think that would be a time where a head coach would relax and start looking ahead to the next week. Not Nick Saban.

Saban snatched off his headset and began yelling at Kiffin while walking up and down the sideline. Kiffin, who did not yell back, simply put his hands on his hips and listened.

If you zoom in close enough, you might see Kiffin actually smiling a little bit and showing a little excitement. You would have to zoom in really, really hard in order to catch this glimpse of Kiffin’s joy.

That time when Alabama’s defense tried to get Nick Saban to yell at him

Another time Kiffin was probably more happy to excite Owls’ fans was back at Alabama, where star defensive end Jonathan Allen said the defense took pride in not only stopping the Tide’s offense in practice, but that they actively tried to get offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin yelled at by Saban.

“Coach Kiffin, he gets real competitive so he tries to scheme us a little bit, but feel like we do a good job,” Allen told CBS Sports. “As a defense you try to get Coach Saban mad at him and try to get him yelled at in practice.”

The defensive unit was pretty successful at making Kiffin’s life hard too.

“Oh all the time,” Allen told CBS Sports. “All the time and we love it. I’m sure you guys have seen those on the TV, that’s exactly how it is in practice.”

Kiffin was probably excited to know at least the defense knew and cared about him, although it’s not exactly the kind of care that someone would want.

That time when Bo Scarbrough scored a touchdown versus Washington

The Crimson Tide were up 17-7 versus the University of Washington early in the fourth quarter in the National Championship semifinal, it looked as if tension were ready to boil over between Saban and Kiffin again.

However, Alabama’s Bo Scarbrough ran 68 yards for a touchdown to ice the game and give the Crimson Tide more of a comfortable lead.

Kiffin was the first coach on the field ready to embrace (and thank) Scarbrough after scoring the touchdown, but not before getting cut in line by Saban.

FAU’s new head coach got to hug (and thank) the running back, probably breathing a sigh of relief he would not get yelled at by Saban again.

That time when he got fired after already quitting

A week before the National Championship game between Alabama and Clemson University, Kiffin was relieved of his offensive coordinator duties by Saban.

Kiffin was probably not that bummed about the firing, since he was already hired by FAU to become their next head coach.

In a press release, Saban said Kiffin would be focusing on his new job at Florida Atlantic University rather than calling plays in the title game, and he was ultimately replaced by Steve Sarkisian.

Kiffin watched the game at home sporting Crimson Tide sweatpants, and finished the year as the only coach in the FBS to go undefeated in the 2016 season.

However, Kiffin was probably a little excited to watch the game from Boca Raton rather than the sideline getting yelled at — or having a conversation with — Saban.

Hans Belot Jr. is the sports editor of the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or tweet him at @Don_Phenom_.