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Trash to treasure: FAU Community Service Club cleans up the beach, rewards volunteers

The Community Service Club at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) hosted a beach cleanup on April 13 to address the issue of litter entering the ocean and posing a significant threat to marine life.
Jadyn Preyer
FAU Community Service Club students volunteering at a beach cleanup event in Boca Raton’s Red Reef Park.

Around 20 student volunteers gathered at Boca Raton’s Red Reef Park for a “Beach Cleanup and Social” event on April 13, hosted by the FAU Community Service Club (CSC). This event marks CSC’s second beach cleanup this spring, part of their semester tradition of organizing events on and off campus to benefit the local community. 

According to club president Jadyn Preyer, each volunteer filled half a trash bag with marine debris — which refers to any human-made litter that enters the ocean and poses a significant threat to ocean ecosystems, wildlife and even our quality of life, reported Boca Save our Beaches.

“We spent two hours pacing the beach and parking lot picking up trash, focusing on a lot of the microplastics [by shifting the sand] on the beach as they are often ingested by wildlife and ignored when it comes to cleaning up litter by other individuals,” Preyer said. 

Following the beach cleanup, CSC held a social event with snacks, drinks and complimentary merchandise from Margaritaville University, an ambassador program that partnered with CSC to promote the event. 

“While the events we do are rewarding to know we are making a difference in our community,” Preyer said. “I wanted to make them feel appreciated since community service is often a thankless effort.”

Anasia Been, the CSC bonding chair, planned the social event to show appreciation to volunteers for their service while fostering a social atmosphere to meet new people and create memories.

“I enjoyed having everyone come out not only to socialize but for a greater cause as a community,” Been said. “We plan to do more of these bonding events to ensure more engagement with people on campus.”

FAU provides partial funding for the club, Preyer stated, but the Beach Cleanup and Social event depended on fundraising to pay for trash bags, gloves and other supplies.

CSC was able to raise funds for this beach cleanup through a car wash held earlier in the semester, mentioning Jasmine Makkar, CSC fundraising chair. She perceives these beach cleanups as effortless, finding reward in the sense of positively contributing to the community.

“They’re always my favorite because they help the planet and community while also being so much fun,” said Makkar. “I also enjoy going to the beach in my free time, so I’m always happy to give back to help maintain one of my happy places.”

Michael Cook is a Staff Writer for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].  


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