Weekly COVID Update 10/1: On-campus case count down from the previous two weeks

Cumulative case count for fall semester is now 429.


Hotspot map courtesy of the New York Times

Michael Gennaro, Social Media Manager


There are currently 16 active COVID cases at the university, most are on the Boca Raton campus. Cases have decreased since last week, when there were 35 active cases across FAU. The cumulative case count for the Fall 2021 semester is now 429.

There is still a disparity between cumulative and active case counts. On Sept. 10, the cumulative case count was 208. Cumulative cases have continued to rise in the last three weeks while active cases remain low. The reason for this disparity is unclear.

Through the university’s vaccine incentive program, 880 students have been vaccinated, according to Acting Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Larry Faerman.

Student Body Vice President Lily MacDonald, who helped implement the program, said the incentive is doing better than she envisioned and that she is pleased.


Palm Beach County is averaging 418 new cases per day, according to data from the New York Times, and 58% of residents are fully vaccinated. For every 100,000 people in Palm Beach County, 28 are being hospitalized. 3,850 people have died from COVID-19 in Palm Beach County overall.

Only 1% of ICU beds are available in the county. 47 people are on ventilators and there are 284 ventilators available.


Florida is averaging 5,532 new coronavirus cases as of Sept. 29, according to the New York Times. This is a 55% decrease from the previous two weeks. Hospitalizations over the previous two weeks are down 39%, and deaths are down 4%. Vaccinations are slightly up, with 57% of residents fully vaccinated, up from 56% on Sept. 23.


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