Opinion: Leftist leaders’ hypocritical policies endanger their own people

From Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s arms deals to the Dyke March to unfettered migration in Europe, leftist politicians continually harm women and the LGBT community.


Illustration by Ivan Benavides

Ross Mellman, Contributing Writer

Shock was written across the faces of many from my religion.

I watched as liberal Jews were in awe that those who wore the Star of David at this year’s “Dyke March” in Chicago (a pro-LGBT event) were turned away, viewed as undesirables, and barred from participating under any circumstances.

For Jews, the Star of David has not always been a symbol of pride and goodwill. Those stitched with a Star of David upon their right shoulders, under the brutal rule of Nazi Germany, meant a life of suffering.

They were instantly cast as outsiders, as bearing the Jewish symbol meant being identified with evil, greed, and corruption. Wearing this symbol was for a time dreaded, as it would lead to endless pain.

Even more harrowing was for those who entered the death camp known as Treblinka. There, the Star of David was embellished upon the gas chambers, meaning it would be the last thing they’d see before facing certain death.

Since those darkened times, the Star of David has been reborn as a symbol of pride, strength, and love. However these newfound characteristics have not been embraced by all, as many still associate the symbol with Anti-Semitic belief and rhetoric.

Such hateful beliefs were no better displayed than by those who prohibited entrance of Jews at the Dyke March under the false cloak of a supposed “Anti Zionist” goal.

Their bigotry was later reiterated as the group tweeted “Zio(nist) tears replenish my electrolytes!” after receiving criticism of their hateful act.

However, this recent event should come as a shock to no one as hypocritical acts of the progressive left, those who endlessly preach so called love and tolerance, know no bounds in today’s society.  

How the leaders of the left endanger the LGBT community

No hypocrisy could be more apparent than leftist world leaders’ obsession with creating policies that go against the safety and interests of the LGBT community.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, a man who prides himself on unmistakeable support for Canada’s LGBT community, has most recently aligned himself with one of the world’s single greatest threats to the community: Saudi Arabia. The prime minister enacted a $15 billion arms trade with the Western Asian sovereign state.

The arms deal between the Canadian government and the blatant human rights abuser that is Saudi Arabia will not involve sending shipments of instructions on how to treat men and women with equal respect under the law. Instead, it shall provide armored fighting vehicles to a nation that has used said vehicles directly against civilians.

By signing this deal, Trudeau, a man who basks in every opportunity to wear rainbow socks and reap political gain by flaunting his pro-LGBT views, effectively empowered a country whose laws actively punish acts of homosexuality and cross dressing with execution, imprisonment, chemical castration, fines, and flogging.

Perhaps he’s latched onto a piece of the playbook from the leaders of Sweden, Germany, and Britain.

These countries have endlessly claimed to protect at risk groups such as the LGBT community while importing millions of migrants who are hell bent on following and establishing Sharia Law, an ideology whose main premise revolves around the subjugation of women and the “illegality of homosexuality.”

How leftist European countries put women in harm’s way

Sweden, a false portrayal of a self-proclaimed “feminist government,” has served as a case study reflective of the uptick in crimes plaguing European countries that have embraced open borders.

One would assume that a government based around feminism would place women’s safety as its No. 1 priority, but that isn’t the case. Often times, hypocrisy tends to lie in plain sight.

Since the opening of its borders in 1975, Sweden has seen a rise in violent crime up 300 percent, with rapes up 1,472 percent.

A study from Gatestone Institute, a nonprofit international policy council, revealed that since 2000, migrant men are 2.1 to 19.5 times more likely to be involved in sex crimes than native Swedish men.

Germany, a country of near unmatched resilience, a land that transformed from history’s most wretched dictatorship into a prosperous beacon of Western democracy, has sacrificed the safety of women and protected migrants like no other.

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, in an unstoppable effort to mitigate unfettered migration, sought to accept millions of migrants: most of whom are men. Seventy-one percent of asylum seekers in Sweden were men, 66 percent in Italy and Greece were male, and 90 percent of all unaccompanied minors were again reported as male in 2015, according to Politico.

Hence, the vast majority of migrants are fighting-age males from war torn countries where records of prior criminal convictions are unobtainable and where the rights of women and gays are trampled upon daily.

In doing so, German politicians amassed a goliath of men, many of whom lack the slightest understanding of Western cultural values. The most notable of these include respect for a woman’s right to dress as she pleases and be devoid of any fear of enticing unwanted attention from any man.

The overall results of unfettered immigration, combined with little to no effort to aid cultural assimilation, have been horrendous. Mass sexual assaults and rapes have become the norm amongst once safe and prosperous German cities.

Upon the New Year’s celebration of 2016, Cologne, Germany experienced 529 (reported) sexual assaults out of a total of 1,139 crime complaints including theft, robbery, and personal injuries. The German Federal Criminal Police Office reported “that incidents were a phenomenon known in some Arab countries as taharrush jamai” (translated as ‘group sexual harassment’).

Nearly all of the suspects of the infamous Cologne crimes were non-Germans with two-thirds of them being from Morocco or Algeria. It was accordingly reported that most of the suspects had been in Germany for less than a year.

Most offensive, out of 153 identified suspects, only four were given criminal sentences.

Famous German baths, open to the public for swimming, have not been spared and instead have seen rapes of minors and countless lewd acts perpetrated by migrants including public masturbation and public defecation.

Such misconduct forced local officials to put up laughably pathetic resistance in the form of posters teaching men how to behave in public pools.

The German officials, so afraid of appearing racist or xenophobic, have thought it better to chastise German women by advising them to cover up and not “provoke them” (men) rather than address the actual problem.

It must be noted that the character of all asylum seekers can not be assumed. While it remains true that some asylum seekers are genuine beneficiaries that contribute positively to society, we must not be afraid to state the facts, which clearly show that rampant crime that has been committed by migrants.

Going against the interests of the public

Today, people have become so pulverized by fear of being deemed racist, that merely stating simple facts has become an act of taboo. We must never allow ourselves to become so paralyzed by fear of being labeled false pariahs that we force ourselves to spew false lies as we bow our heads below the sword of political correctness, all the while allowing our cities to turn to ruin around us.

Germany, a once shining beholder of Western Democratic ideals, has let leftist liberal politicians decide that the best way to deal with vile crimes against women is to either cover them up entirely or criticize the victims for the clothes that they wear.

Its once powerful resilience has been depleted to mere cowardice.

And its leftist leaders, reflective of leaders across many European nations, are ignorant of the different moral codes by which different cultures follow and have allowed unmitigated migration that has directly resulted in many cities becoming unsafe for women, children, and minorities alike.

Positive prospects for the safety of European women under liberal rule are few and far between.

This is thanks to no Second Amendment, politically correct police departments, and scoundrel politicians with courage on par with that of Neville Chamberlain, a man whose “name is identified with the policy of ‘appeasement’ toward Adolf Hitler’s Germany in the period immediately preceding World War II,” according to Encyclopaedia Britannica.

For the Germans, one would think that after the millions of rapes committed by the Russians following World War II, their leaders would do all in their power to prevent such a tragedy from recurring, but one thing is clear: They have learned nothing.

We must not allow ourselves to follow in the footsteps of the foolish mistakes of leftist European leaders.

We as Americans know that those we hold dearest to our hearts, no matter their creed or sexual orientation, must firmly be protected as our primary endowment before the needs of foreign migrant individuals.

If such foreigners represent American values such as respect for women and equal treatment for any person regardless of sexual preference, then surely they should be given privilege to enter.

But let us not lie to ourselves: The facts show that many migrants from war torn countries where criminal records are unobtainable and where unfavorable values are held do and will bring harm to our great nation.

Liberal leaders, those obsessed with fantismal nihilistic ideas that any person from any corner of the globe should be imported into Western society, or those who believe that they should proclaim pro-LGBT views while signing arms deals with the world’s most dastardly countries, are nothing but hypocrites.

Their actions only serve to make the world a less safe place.

Ross Mellman is a contributing writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or tweet him @RossMellman.