Opinion: Another middle school flashback chosen for Homecoming

T-Pain and 30H!3 are yet more artists headlining Homecoming without recent cred.


T-Pain performing in concert. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Ryan Lynch, Business Manager

They’re bringing who to perform?

That was the first thought that went through my head when it was announced that both T-Pain and 30H!3 would be performing at this year’s Homecoming concert. One artist I had heard plenty about and another I had to look up to remember (I think you can guess which one.)

For someone like me who graduated high school in 2014, the last time T-Pain had an album chart was 2011 and the last time he had a No. 1 album was 2007. I had to search to find the last time 30H!3 had widespread success, which was 2013, although they’ve had an album chart with every release they’ve had since 2008.

At least they didn’t get Soulja Boy, right? Last thing I need to relive are the days of crappy dance fads and even crappier clothing decisions.

T-Pain and 30H!3 represent a trend with the artists selected for Homecoming. With challenges to both their budget and scheduling abilities, the university has struggled to draw some of the talent other universities have.

  • Florida State will have Chance the Rapper performing at its Warchant event.
  • The University of Florida will have Snoop Dogg for their Gator Growl.
  • The University of Central Florida will have electronic dance music artist Martin Garrix performing.

All artists above have either legend status in their genre or are a rising star within their area. That’s only counting the people who were announced so far.

Now, you’d be forgiven if you don’t remember that T-Pain actually performed at FAU in 2014 with Jay Sean and DJ Scribble. But many students who are still here couldn’t tell you who performed that year, or the year after that (Timeflies) or the year after that (Kesha.)

By and large, most of the artists have been those removed out of their most recent success or starting to try to climb their way back. In large part, they haven’t really brought the star power.

Now, there are obviously scheduling challenges that Program Board has to account for and they have to submit bids for artists, but when does it change? At some point, they’ll have to improve or end up with Eminem and Rihanna… but at 70.

There has to be a better way for the school to make this pick. Whether it’s selecting the person earlier, getting a bunch of local artists and turning it into a festival-style event or even charging students (like many other schools do for their shows,) something has to change

I think FAU can draw a major current artist for their Homecoming at some point. They just have to prove it to me.

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Ryan Lynch is the business manager of the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or tweet him @RyanLynchwriter.