SOS It’s Finals Week

Courtesy of Alexis H.

Caffeine and stress is the fuel that my body is currently running on. Finals week: when you can either get straight A’s or fail all of your classes. Where we all suddenly make friends with that stranger in class just because they might actually know what the professor is talking about. Suddenly napping in public places seems acceptable and if you brushed your hair you’re considered put together. Its a miracle if you get to bed before 3am, but that’s usually only if you pass out on top of your work. No matter how many sleepless nights and stressful moments you go through it is all worth it when you get the grade you’ve been working your butt off for.

Walking into take your final. Trying to only think of the information you were just looking at to make sure you don’t forget anything. All of a sudden you are religious and begin to pray to every god you can think of so a miracle will occur and you walk away with an A. Your eyes bloodshot, your breath leaves behind the stench of black coffee, and you have put about two crap-o-la’s into what you’re wearing. Through all the stress, mood swings, and aroma of highlighters you’ve made it this day. The day your GPA is depending on. When you finally finish you’re so sleep deprived you don’t know whether to be relieved its over or just pass out on the floor. Except now it hits you that you have 3 other finals and 2 papers to write. Now what… Cry? Nap? Or just chug a 5 hour energy and press on?