Letter to the Editor: Response to Nadine Aly “Make bridges not walls”

Michael Devolin

I was sent this letter from a friend who wanted me to respond.

 It is my opinion that, if you are publishing in your paper vitriol against the State of Israel wherein the International Court of Justice and Desmond Tutu, the first an overtly anti-Jewish organization obsessed with excoriating Israel (while neglecting places like Syria and the Sudan) and the latter a shameless anti-Jewish bigot (exposed succinctly not too long ago by Alan Dershowitz) whose very mention cannot but portray Ms. Aly as perhaps an anti-Jewish bigot herself, then my letter will mean nothing to the majority of those reading this paper. If you are interested in satiating the deficient mental palate of the anti-Semites in your midst, then you are surely not interested in reading rebuttals intended to debunk their excoriation of the Jews and their right to live (not be murdered) in the land of Israel.

 I see a pattern culminating in a sort of anti-Jewish frenzy in our North American universities. The mock “check-points” everyone pretends are not set up to harass and traumatize Jewish students as they make their way to classes. I would ask that you feel shame that this is taking place in your university, but I know it’s no use. My words are by now become inefficacious to ameliorate this situation. The Jews are facing, as always, this hatred almost entirely alone except for the few who have the stamina and back-bone to oppose this same frenzy.

 No-one can remain untouched by an anti-Jewish hatred so prevalent, not even a university newspaper editor.

 “It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.” -Sally Kempton

Michael Devolin,

Tweed, Ontario, Canada