Letter to the Editor: Response to “Students organize carpool to protest for abortion rights”

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Photo courtesy of Ryan Lynch

Progress Florida

To the editor:

I read with interest Kendall Little’s summer piece about FAU students carpooling to an abortion rights rally. There is safety in numbers for sure and taking to the streets is a great way to dissent against politicians restricting our rights.

As Slater alludes, politicians must be told directly that they cannot count on keeping their jobs unless they will protect our right to reproductive health care. And that care must include abortion – an essential component of every modern health care system and something one in four people will need access to during their reproductive years.

What other methods are effective in making our voices heard? VoteSmart.org provides contact info for politicians who represent you at all levels of government. Use email or phone, urging them to defend abortion rights. Attend town halls and candidate forums to make sure they are asked about their stance on reproductive freedom. Post comments on their social media feed, thanking them for voting correctly or taking them to task when they don’t. And most importantly, use Vote411.org to learn about who will appear on your ballot and be ready to vote on November 8. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate all you do.


Progress Florida