SG hosts the 2022 Student Organization Banquet and Award Ceremony for Student Organizations

During the ceremony Student Body President-elect Pierce Kennamer was officially sworn into the position along with Vice President-elect Dalia Calvillo and Boca Raton Governor-elect Deanna Mancuso.

Samantha Sheradsky, Staff Writer

Student Government (SG) hosted a ‘Met Gala’ themed banquet and award ceremony on Thursday evening to acknowledge students and staff for their contributions to student life.

During the ceremony Student Body President-elect Pierce Kennamer was officially sworn into the position, along with Vice President-elect Dalia Calvillo and Boca Raton Governor-elect Deanna Mancuso.

“The decorations are really beautiful. I think everyone was really well-spirited tonight,” said Student Body Vice President Lily MacDonald.

She believed that the awards every person received were well deserved.

“Those students who deserve that recognition, receive that recognition,” MacDonald said.

SG presented over 38 awards, with a brief intermission in between the ceremony in which soprano singer Verlene Faust performed a song.

At the end of the ceremony, Director of Student Activities & Involvement Donald Van Pelt gave an emotional speech commending all of the hardworking leaders within SG. He presented awards to Student Body President Maxwell Simonson, Vice President Lily MacDonald, Boca Raton Governor Rhoda Hoods, and more.

Guests walked in formal attire dressed in suits, dresses, and pantsuits.

Inside the spacious room, the black and gold-themed tables featured elaborate golden lampshades with white and black feathers and white pearls which hung from the top.

The stage in the front of the room contained a podium with a microphone and a projection screen that showed the awards being presented, along with the names of the students who received them.

The event ended at 10 p.m. after awards were presented to those who served the Student Government and made an impact this school year.

Here are the awards that were given:

  • Student Government Executive Member of the Year: Kirk Meyers
  • Student Organization Executive of the Year: Gabriella Abadiotakis
  • Legislator of the Year: Reilly Bridgers
  • Student Media Leader of the Year: Tahj Wilson
  • Volunteer of the Year: Juan Andres Rodriguez
  • Organization of the Year: 
  • Boca Raton: Muslim Student Association President – Alina Hassan
  • Broward: The American Institute of Architecture Students President – Yağmur Akyüz
  • Jupiter: Asian American Association
  • Advisor of the Year: 
  • Faculty: Dr. Dilys Schoorman
  • Staff: Tikiya Henry
  • Presidential Excellence: Pierce Kennamer
  • Gubernatorial Excellence:
  • Boca Raton: Alyson Winderbaum
  • Broward: Ruthann Nelson
  • Jupiter: Hibah Hussain
  • Senatorial Excellence: Ari Avilles
  • Boca Raton Representative Excellence:
  • Boca Raton: Nicole Abreu
  • Broward: Elianny Garcia
  • Jupiter: Johann Cifuentes
  • Judicial Excellence: Madelyn Macias
  • Editorial Excellence (UP): Kendall Little
  • Graduate and Professional Student Organization of the Year (GPSO): President Sohini Lahiri from the Emergency Medicine Interest Group  
  • Council of Student Organization Excellence: Ella Duckworth
  • Volunteer Excellence (SAVI):
  • Boca Raton: Hanna Kleinhans
  • Broward: Filipa Lundin
  • Jupiter: Venkata Somesula
  • Programming Excellence (PB): 
  • Boca Raton: Kettie Leger
  • Broward: Coralie Bastien
  • Jupiter: Anushka Mandalapu
  • New Student Organization Excellence (COSO):
  • Boca Raton: Owls Speech and Debate
  • Broward: Green Wings of Broward
  • Jupiter: Owls Climate and Health! President – Avanthi Puvvala
  • Organization Presidential Excellence (COSO):
  • Boca Raton: Michaela Louis
  • Broward: Yağmur Akyüz
  • Jupiter: Rishiraj Bandi
  • Night Owls Driver Excellence (NO): Ti’ana Raysor
  • Multicultural Excellence (MP): Mariana Vallejo
  • Psychoeducational Programming (Pep Talk): Justine Kantor
  • Freshman Class Council Excellence (FCC): Austanni Hodge
  • Initiated:
  • Student Body President –  Pierce Kennamer
  • Student Body Vice President – Dalia Calvillo


  • Boca Raton FAU Gov. – Rhoda Hoods 

Rhoda Hoods enjoyed seeing all of SG from different campuses come together and celebrate their accomplishments.

“It’s more surreal to know the student impacts that you have not only on your own campus but university-wide and we don’t always get to see each other in our day-to-day lives,” Hoods said.

House of Representatives Secretary Dylan Hobbs-Fernie thinks that the highlight of the ceremony was listening to the closing remarks by SG advisor Donald Van Pelt.

“I’ve worked with Donald now for about a year since I’ve been more on campus. I didn’t really work with him when I first started in Student Government and watching him, I always thought he was a well spoken person,” Hobbs-Fernie said.

Hobbs-Fernie believes that the students in SG are well deserving of receiving these awards.

“A lot of people who were being talked about have been close friends of mine. And for me, I always enjoy hearing people who I admire so much get the praise and I think they rightfully deserve it,” Hobbs-Fernie said.

Samantha Sheradsky is a staff writer for the University Press. For more information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or DM her on Twitter @samtheham132.