Black Student Union prepares a record 14 events in celebration of Black History Month

BSU aims to draw students of all types to mingle and enjoy the celebration of black excellence.


Courtesy of Black Student Union.

Black Student Union has created a calendar worth of events in celebration for Black History Month.

Kizzy Azcarate, Entertainment Editor

Feb. 1 marked the beginning of Black History Month and FAU’s Black Student Union (BSU), along with other organizations, have created events throughout the month for students to join the celebration of Black excellence.

Darius Galloway, a junior communications major, has had a hand in creating the events as a member of the BSU’s Black History Month committee.

“The reason why we wanted to do events weekly is because we wanted it to be very involved with the campus,” said Galloway. “Normally, we have a lot of events, but not as much.”

The BSU will be holding a record of 14 events throughout the month of February ranging from barbeque’s to brunch at “Bar Rita” to a comedy show with special guests at the end of this month.

Galloway hopes other students from different communities and ethnicities feel welcomed to participate and learn.

Marco Montreuil, a freshman business major, attended the first event, “Black History Month Annual BBQ,” which the BSU and Multicultural Programming hosted last Tuesday.

“It was great,” said Montreuil. “A lot of people came out to support, even other people of color came out to support. I think that’s what the goal was, for other people to enjoy the month and the day. It was beautiful to be honest.”

As a member of BSU, Montreuil believes that the plentiful amount of events will allow for more students to attend the festivities.

Like Montreuil, Jason Lockett, a sophomore majoring in computer science, plans to attend more events throughout the month.

“I’m personally looking forward to ‘Friday Night Flavas’ on Feb. 11,” said Lockett. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it but after that BBQ, there’s no way another event like that isn’t going to be fun!”

For those who may feel apprehensive about going alone, BSU Treasurer Jazzmine Nickerson said that the BSU is a safe zone for anyone who would like to network and create memories.

“We are super diverse and welcoming to everyone, even those who aren’t affiliated with any Black-registered student organizations,” she said.

Check out BSU’s Instagram for updates and details regarding the upcoming events this Black History Month.

Kizzy Azcarate is the Entertainment Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, follow her Instagram @Kiztagram_ or email [email protected]