FAU’s Davie campus to administer COVID-19 vaccine

The vaccine will be administered on the Davie campus through April 8, 2021.


Joseph Acosta, Business Manager

UPDATE: The vaccine will be available to FAU Students and Faculty on the Davie campus through April 8, 2021

The Johnson and Johnson one-dose COVID-19 vaccine will be administered on the university’s Davie campus to eligible students and faculty.

In an emailed announcement, FAU stated that the vaccine is in limited supply on the Davie campus, and will be available to FAU students and faculty through April 8. For students and faculty over 40, or someone who has a medical condition that makes them extremely vulnerable to COVID-19, the vaccine will be eligible on Davie’s campus. In those cases, students and faculty are required to have a physician’s note stating that they are extremely vulnerable to COVID-19.

“Individuals are required to present an OWL Card at the time of their appointment,” the email said. If students or faculty don’t have their OWL Card with them, they will be turned away, according to the email.

This move comes after President Joe Biden announcing that all states should make all adults eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by May 1. On April 5, every Floridian will have access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

For more information regarding Davie’s COVID-19 vaccine, students and faculty can call the Broward Student Health Services at (954) 236-1556, or fill out this contact form.


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