Student Government passes bills to help promote access to hygienic supplies at FAU

Student Government will distribute free welcome kits, including masks, tissues, sanitizer, and other items that promote safety and cleanliness to students.


Illustration by J.R. Pfeiffer.

Darlene Antoine, Staff Writer

The FAU Student Government recently passed two bills in the Student Government House of Representatives, dedicated to supporting the accessibility of hygienic resources and supplies to on-campus students. 


The Hygienic Care Package and the Beyond Food Program Aid bills will promote and assist personal hygiene among students who may or may not have access to hygienic products and toiletry supplies. 


The Hygienic Care Package bill was unanimously passed on Friday, July 24 during the SG Boca House of Representatives Meeting held on Webex. Written by Rep. Savannah Havens and Rep. Taj Dahshan, the bill is a $6,400 care package plan composed of two hand sanitizer bottles (0.5 oz), one wet wipe pack, one tissue pack, and one soap bottle (4 oz).

“My intention of creating this bill is to assist students who might not or do not have access to enough personal hygiene products. Although students are able to claim one hygienic care package every week, the purpose of the care package is to be used as a backup, this bill merely acts as a safety net in case a student runs out of their own hygienic products.” said Rep. Dahshan. 


The care package is free of cost for students and will be distributed in FAU Boca Raton’s Student Union. Students who wish to claim their hygienic care package can do so by going to the front desk of the Student Union and filling in their Z-number, name, and by scanning a QR code. Each student will be given one hygienic care package from the Student Union per week.

Both representatives explained that the main purpose was to encourage the accessibility and affordability of supplies like sanitizer, wet wipes, toilet paper, and more for students who may not have had access to such necessities. 


In a joint letter signed by SG leaders, President Celine Persaud and Attorney General Kevin Lopez Pelaez said, “First and foremost, FAU Student Government is wholly dedicated to maintaining the health and safety of all person(s) in the owl community.”


The Beyond Food Program Aid bill, written by Rep. Havens and Rep. Samantha Maciel, will allocate a $1,000 worth of toiletries and supplies to the FAU Beyond Food Pantry to assist any students who are currently on campus or will be on campus during the fall if they are unable to access items for themselves during the pandemic. 


“Our goal with this is to ensure that our students take their safety into their own hands by providing basic items to help them get through some time on campus, but also to show what items will be helpful in making sure they stay as safe and healthy as possible,” said Rep. Havens.

The House does not have a definitive answer of when the Hygenic Care Package bill will be ready. They have a hard goal of having all of the items ordered and in their office in time for school to start on Monday, Aug. 24th. 


Darlene Antoine is a staff writer for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email her at [email protected].