FAU Football: Willie Taggart addresses concerns surrounding quarterbacks and COVID-19 heading into the season

As the 2020 season approaches, Taggart talks about the quarterback room and how the team should handle the coronavirus.


It has been an unusual first season at FAU for Taggart to say the least. Photo by: Alex Liscio.

Colby Guy, Features Editor

With the first week of training camp in the books, FAU Football head coach Willie Taggart addressed some concerns in a WebEx Conference on Thursday heading into the 2020 season.

As the quarterback position garners a huge question mark due to the absence of Chris Robison, Taggart looks to the current roster for a replacement.

“I’ve been impressed with every single one of [the quarterbacks on the roster],” Taggart said. “You see these guys making improvements, they’ll make a mistake one day and then the next day they’ll make a play or they’ll make a bonehead play and then they come back and make a great play.”

Taggart stresses that he is excited about how they respond to negative plays, and so far, all of Nick Tronti, Willie Taggart Jr., Justin Agner, and Javion Posey has been doing so thus far.

Taggart also said that the receivers haven’t complained once about working with any of the four quarterbacks on the roster and that each of them has had first-team reps, so it seems to be an even race for the starting job.

The biggest thing on this offense that will help the transition to the new starting quarterback will be the team’s running back and wide receiver depth, according to Taggart.

“It helps more than anything to have depth at those positions,” Taggart said. “If somebody goes down, you’re able to sleep at night knowing that the guy behind him is good enough to get the job done.”

In uncertain times like this, Taggart is doing what he can to preach safety to his team to keep them from getting COVID-19..

“We always talk about the things we can control, like wearing your mask and washing your hands,” Taggart said. “We’re not in a bubble like the NBA and [the NHL] and [we need to] do what we can for our health.”

Taggart also says that the players should be hanging around their teammates and try to stay away from any other people as much as they can.

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