FAU Football: Conference USA announces its plans for the 2020 season

FAU is scheduled to play eight conference games and can play up to four non-conference games.


Conference USA has a plan for their teams to play football in the fall, but left the out of conference games to each school. Photo by Alex Liscio.

Jensen Jennings, Sports Editor

The Conference USA (C-USA) Board of Directors has officially approved their plan for the upcoming football season, as well as the required safety protocols.ย 

According to the release, โ€œThe 2020 C-USA football schedule calls for each of the leagueโ€™s teams to play eight conference games on their originally scheduled dates.โ€ย 

FAUโ€™s eight conference games this season are Oct. 3 vs Charlotte, Oct. 10 at Southern Miss, Oct. 24 at Marshall, Oct. 31 vs University of Texas at San Antonio, Nov. 7 vs Western Kentucky, Nov. 14 at FIU, Nov. 21 vs Old Dominion, and Nov. 28 at Middle Tennessee.ย 

The press release also stated that โ€œnon-conference games may be played at the discretion of the individual schools, with the ability to play up to four non-league contests.โ€ย 

The Owls currently have two non-conference games scheduled for the season. The only non-conference games remaining on FAUโ€™s schedule is at Georgia Southern on Sept. 19 and at home against the University of South Florida on Sept. 26. Their first two out of conference games against Minnesota and Stony Brook have already been canceled.ย 

With the guidelines set by C-USA, the Owls still have two vacancies on their 2020 schedule.ย 

โ€œI donโ€™t have any information on [the schedule],โ€ head coach Willie Taggart said at his press conference yesterday. โ€œ[The] only schedule that I know, is this training camp schedule.โ€ย 

C-USA also announced that the conference championship game is still scheduled for its original date of Dec. 5. According to the press release, there is some flexibility in the schedule if the game needs to be moved to a later date due to potentially rescheduled regular season games.ย 

The C-USA Board of Directors also approved return to play safety measures for fall sports.ย 

There will be โ€œrequired testing standards for Conference USA schools and the requirement that opponents operate by the same standards,โ€ according to the press release.ย 

FAU has already implemented safety measures of its own to keep the players and coaching staff safe. The team is broken up into two separate groups. Only one group is on the practice field at a time and the team is not allowed to have full team meetings in person.ย 

โ€œWhen they come to our building, there [are] certain doors they walk through and doors they exit through,โ€ Taggart said. โ€œOur guys have done a great job of wearing their masks. We canโ€™t have our full team meeting at one time, so thereโ€™s been an adjustment from that standpoint.โ€ย 

The conferenceโ€™s Board of Directors also said they are committed to โ€œensuring the accountability of all athletic programs and affirmed their commitment to follow and actively monitor testing and safety protocols and accurately report testing results.โ€

Since returning to campus, the Owls have been testing their players at least once a week and have plans in place if a player or a staff member were to test positive for the coronavirus.ย 

โ€œThe plan is to test our guys weekly to make sure weโ€™re looking out for them and everyone else thatโ€™s here,โ€ Taggart said. โ€œWe have in place when someone tests positive, they go into quarantine and get them away from everyone and make sure we can do everything to help them while they quarantine.โ€ย 

With fall camp in full swing, the Owls now have some clarity on what their season could potentially look like this fall. Questions remain if FAU will be able to add two more out of conference matchups for this season.ย 

Now that FAU has more clarity on the season, the battle for the starting quarterback job will start heating up after the announcement Tuesday that starter Chris Robison is no longer with the team.ย 

โ€œWe donโ€™t have a number one,โ€ Taggart said. โ€œAll of them are number one now and theyโ€™re all competing for the job. Those guys have been working really hard and [are] excited to compete for the job.โ€ย 

Jensen Jennings is the sports editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or tweet him @Jensen_Jennings.