Preview: FAU to play Southern Mississippi for the East Division and a spot in the conference championship

FAU plays their last football game this week against University of South Mississippi.


Against Southern Mississippi, Chris Robison and the offense needs to be efficient to win and earn them a spot in the conference championship. Photo by: Alex Liscio.

Alexis Moraitis, Contributing Writer

FAU’s football team is one win away from an East Division crown and hosting the Conference USA Championship game.

The Owls (8-3) will play University of Southern Mississippi (7-4) in a Conference USA matchup at 3:30 p.m. in Boca Raton on Saturday. 

The Owls have had four consecutive wins up to this point, and according to ESPN’s football power index, FAU has a predicted 71.2 percent chance to win. 

Who to watch for this game: 

FAU quarterback Chris Robison has thrown for 19 touchdowns and four interceptions compared to 12 touchdowns and 12 interceptions from last season. Which means that tight end Harrison Bryant will be a key target in this game as he was great last week with 10 receptions for 182 yards and a touchdown.

FAU has averaged 34.1 points per game, whereas USM has only averaged 28.7 total points. Also, FAU does better at gaining yards during the game. The Owls averaged 443.1 yards per game, whereas USM only averaged 424.9 yards per game. 

FAU has allowed an average of 393.3 yards per game, whereas USM only averaged 354.9 allowed yards per game. 

USM quarterback Jack Abraham has been a huge part of their success on the field. The Owls defense needs to prevent Abraham from gaining yards this game. However, Abraham is considered questionable for tomorrow’s game, which could be beneficial for the Owls.

FAU’s defense has a strong track record and needs to bring the same energy into their last season game. 

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