Spring Break Ideas for the Student With a Car

Here are places from Florida to Tennessee for spring break entertainment whether you like camping or drinking, or both.


Big Cypress National Preserve. Photo by Emily Creighton

Andrew Fraieli, Contributing Writer

There are lots of places to go within Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, all within driving distance, to have an adventure off campus. Between camping in the Everglades and getting plastered in Miami or Atlanta, this is a rough guide to prices and distances to help jog some desire to go and try something new.



Camping is cheap, you get to sleep outdoors, see the stars away from the city and make fires without getting in trouble. In flat Florida, it’s an easy hike to get to your campsite, but it’s also hotter, filled with mosquitoes and there are alligators and crocodiles …. the modern dinosaurs that can eat you.

Tennessee is beautiful, mountainous and has hiking as it’s meant to be. If you’ve lived in Florida your whole life, Tennessee will be an incredible revelation as it has real Southern food and opportunities for rock climbing everywhere. Along with all of this, there are actual forests here, not grass that has “saw” in its name and giant spiders.

Georgia is where the movie “Deliverance” takes place, so if you’ve seen the movie, then take that as you will going into the woods. Ignoring hillbilly rapist murderers, Georgia has a distinct lack of light pollution with it being so rural, so you’ll see more stars on the way to Atlanta than you’ve probably ever seen anywhere in Florida.



If not having a sleeping bag and a tent is what’s stopping you, FAU’s Outdoor Adventures in the recreation center has camping gear for rent at a discount to students.


Tents Price
Two-person tent  $15/week
Three-person tent  $18/week
Four-person tent  $20/week
Six-person  $25/week
Eight-person  $40/week




All of these suggested campgrounds I have either camped at myself or a close friend has. No generic bullshit. Each place is within 12 hours driving distance from Boca Raton, so you can go on an adventure without breaking the bank.


Name  Where Price
Flamingo Campground  Southern tip of the Everglades (3 Hours)  $20/night
Bahia Honda  About an hour from Key West (4 Hours)  $36/night
Big Cypress National Preserve  West side of the Everglades (2 Hours)  $10-$24/night
Foster Falls  Chattanooga  TN (11 Hours) $12/night
Great Smoky Mountains National Park  Hours southeast of Knoxville  TN (11 Hours) $14/night


I don’t drink. But, I have a lot of friends who do. So, if you’re stuck in South Florida, and need a way to forget you’re not far away from home, these little spots will help.


Name Where Why
Cash Only  Fort Lauderdale  Beers are from local distilleries
Lauder Ale  Near Fort Lauderdale airport  A warehouse converted to bar and lounge
Laser Wolf  Fort Lauderdale  A hipster dive bar with retro video games
The Green Parrot  Key West  Live music
Gramps  Miami  Local artists play live every week
Funky Buddha Lounge  Boca Raton  Local musicians and open mic Monday nights

Andrew Fraieli is a contributing writer for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email him at [email protected].