Gallery: Football versus Southern Illinois

Ryan Lynch SIU 1

Ryan Lynch | Editor in Chief
Redshirt junior defensive linemen Haiden Nagel (98), Nick Internicola (8) and senior running back Jay Warren enter the field before the start of the Owls’ game versus Southern Illinois Saturday.

UPWEB_ FAU Football vs ISU 2016_ Mohammed F Emran-2027

Mohammed F. Emran | Staff Photographer
Running back Greg Howell (9) rushes 48 yards for an FAU touchdown. Howell had a total of 128 yards of rushing against SIU Saturday.

FAU v. SIU_Max Jackson_0003

Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
FAU redshirt sophomore quarterback Jason Driskel (16) throws past SIU defensive end Khari Waithe-Alexander (41). Driskel threw for 287 yards and two touchdowns on the night.

SIU AF-1526

Andrew Fraieli | Managing Editor
FAU defensive back Raekwon Williams (23) and linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair (2) dive after SIU’s safety Qua Brown (19) as he scores their team’s first touchdown of the game.

SIU 9.03.16 BH-2281Brandon Harrington | Staff Photographer
Redshirt sophomore quarterback Jason Driskel (16) throws the ball just past the hand of SIU redshirt senior defensive tackle T.J. Beelen (51). Driskel connected on 23-of-31 passing attempts during FAU’s opening game against SIU Saturday night.

Ryan Lynch SIU 2

Ryan Lynch | Editor in Chief
Sophomore running back Jonathan Mixon dives at the completion of a 3-yard run to tie Southern Illinois and FAU at seven with 10:46 left in the first quarter.

UPWEB_ FAU Football vs ISU 2016_ Mohammed F Emran-2179

Mohammed F. Emran| Staff Photographer
After receiving a 50-yard kickoff, linebacker Nate Ozdemir (50) runs for 10 yards to FAU’s 25 yard line.

FAU v. SIU_Max Jackson_0004

Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Salukis senior wide receiver Billy Reed (17) eyes up Owls linebacker Khantrell Burden (49) after receiving a pass from quarterback Josh Straughan.  Reed picked up five yards on the play and registered a total of 69 yards of receiving.

SIU 9.03.16 BH-2335Brandon Harrington | Staff Photographer
FAU sophomore defensive back Herb Miller (10) and sophomore safety Jalen Young (18) take down Salukis senior wide receiver Israel Lamprakes (1).

SIU AF-1642

Andrew Fraieli | Managing Editor
Defensive back DJ Juste (5) misses a tackle on Salukis running back D.J. Davis.

Ryan Lynch SIU 3

Ryan Lynch | Editor in Chief
Sophomore running back Daquan Isom is tackled by sophomore defensive back Jalen Young, who prevented him from obtaining a first down on the play.

UPWEB_ FAU Football vs ISU 2016_ Mohammed F Emran-2250

Mohammed F. Emran| Staff Photographer
FAU defensive end Trey Hendrickson (9) tackles Southern Illinois running back Daquan Isom (5). SIU did not gain any yards on the attempt.

FAU v. SIU_Max Jackson_0005

Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Salukis head coach Nick Hill looks at a referee after disagreeing with a call in the second quarter.

SIU AF-1659

Andrew Fraieli | Managing Editor
FAU redshirt sophomore defensive back Andrew Soroh (14) tackles Southern Illinois running back Daquan Isom (5). SIU did not gain any yards on the attempt.

SIU 9.03.16 BH-2355Brandon Harrington | Staff Photographer
SIU sophomore running back Daquan Isom (5) shakes off FAU sophomore linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair (2), sophomore safety Jalen Young (18), and junior defensive back Raekwon Williams (23) for his only touchdown of the night.

Ryan Lynch SIU 4

Ryan Lynch | Editor in Chief
Senior running back Aaron Stanton tries to break a tackle by sophomore linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair.

UPWEB_ FAU Football vs ISU 2016_ Mohammed F Emran-2776

Mohammed F. Emran| Staff Photographer
Owls redshirt freshman wide receiver Tavaris Harrison (7) receives a 85-yard pass from quarterback Jason Driskel for an FAU touchdown to make the the score 21-17 just before the end of the second quarter.

FAU v. SIU_Max Jackson_0006

Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Owls head coach Charlie Partridge looks out onto the field after an Owl was injured during the second half.

SIU 9.03.16 BH-1Brandon Harrington | Staff Photographer
FAU students cheer for the football team at its opening game of the season against Southern Illinois University.

SIU AF-1812

Andrew Fraieli | Managing Editor
SIU running back D.J. Davis (25) is tackled by defensive back Andrew Soroh (14).

Ryan Lynch SIU 5

Ryan Lynch | Editor in Chief
Salukis sophomore wide receiver Jimmy Jones is wrapped up by senior defensive back D.J. Juste after he had attempted to make a catch during the fourth quarter.

UPWEB_ FAU Football vs ISU 2016_ Mohammed F Emran-2876

Mohammed F. Emran| Staff Photographer
FAU quarterback Jason Driskel (16) runs for a 2-yard touchdown to make the score 35-24 in favor of the Owls.

FAU v. SIU_Max Jackson_0001

Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
The sun sets over Howard Schnellenberger Field at FAU Stadium just before halftime on Saturday evening.

SIU AF-1932

Andrew Fraieli | Staff Photographer
Redshirt junior linebacker Nate Ozdemir (50) slips after attempting to make a cut past a group of players during a kickoff return in the second half.


Brandon Harrington | Staff Photographer
Owls redshirt sophomore quarterback Jason Driskel (16) dashes through a group of SIU defenders. Driskel rushed for 41 yards during Saturday night’s game.