SG textbook support program opens July 3

The program will give $100 FAU bookstore credit to 400 students on all campuses.


Sofia De La Espriella, News Editor

The new SG Textbook Support program opened for registration on Monday, and unlike its predecessor, this program will go beyond the limitations of one semester.

Students interested in the program will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis, and 400 total spots are available for the fall and spring semesters. Its application for the fall semester opened on July 3, and the only requirement for $100 FAU bookstore credit is to be registered at least as a part-time student.

While the past program was only available during the most recent spring semester, it benefited 500 total students. Dahilia Charmony, a freshman starting at the university this fall, considers the initiative a very important support system for students.

“This is my first semester at FAU. I was surprised to see how pricey my textbooks would be for the semester,” she said. “Buying a class-mandated textbook can be the determining factor in which a student has to choose between excelling in academics and buying groceries for the week.” 

Student Government President Dalia Calvillo emphasized the fact that any student can apply. “Every program that has run through me, I don’t really pick and choose who to help because I don’t think that’s fair,”  she said. 

Another new feature of the program is that the students that already receive aid for their textbooks, will also be allowed to use their $100 voucher for other class materials including lab coats, goggles, notebooks and general lab supplies. 

Calvillo said SG wanted to benefit any student without interfering with any other financial aid students have.

“There should be no fear that we will mess with any financial aid or scholarships students already have,” Dallia said. There will not be FAFSA requirements or any impacts on the student’s income.’ 

Students can apply until August 10 and can use their funds once enrolled in classes. They will have a limit up to two weeks from the day school starts to utilize their funds. 

SG will communicate with  the bookstore to see who has not utilized their discounts and if a student doesn’t use the credit after the reminder, SG will allocate the discount to another student. 

Sofia De La Espriella is the News Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or message her on Instagram @sofidelaespriella.