SOMOS provides Hispanic cultural education, academic resources to students

Members appreciate how the group enhances their educational experience by offering group study sessions and other extracurricular activities.

SOMOS provides Hispanic cultural education, academic resources to students

Angel Rassi, Contributing Writer

The word “somos” means “we are” in Spanish.

This phrase serves as the name of the Hispanic and Latin organization at the university and its main goal is to educate about Hispanic and Latin culture and provide opportunities to students in a place that fosters a sense of belonging. 

SOMOS Boca President Fabio Cabrera explained that SOMOS Boca is a club that not only helps students build connections but also represents them through shared culture and experiences.

“I believe that everyday students need to be represented by everyday students— students who know what it’s like to not have a home away from home, or a traditional college experience, or even a feeling of belonging on campus,” Cabrera said.

Cabrera also wanted to set an example for the future members and is proud of the group of associates that he is working with to achieve that goal. 

“I wanted to create a powerhouse of individuals to help carry out that objective for future generations after us! To my E-board, I want to say thank you for all the hard work and sacrifice that you have put into this organization,” he said.

SOMOS Boca Adviser Francine Coker joined the organization because she wanted to help the group have a brighter future.

It was faith that drove me to become the new adviser for SOMOS Boca,” Coker said. “When Brittney and Fabio reached out to me about revamping the organization, I was thrilled to assist them.”

The goal was to make SOMOS an organization that fostered the inclusion of all students.

“We discussed expectations and the direction they wanted to become more inclusive to the Student Body at Florida Atlantic University,” Coker said. “SOMOS is working on a tentative program to host during Hispanic Heritage Month in October.”

The pandemic caused the organization to go through many structural changes, including in its executive branch. 

“Since COVID-19, there has been a turnover in student leadership,” Coker said.

However, members of the club aim to recuperate from their losses through the events during Hispanic Heritage Month.  

When Broward branch President Brittney Del Valle first transferred to FAU the pandemic brought several challenges to the organization.

“During my first few months here at FAU, SOMOS Broward was undergoing much change and lost many of its members due to the pandemic, something that brought great sadness,” Del Valle said.

Del Valle said that after not being active on campus, several members left. 

Del Valle saw potential in SOMOS Broward. She didn’t want that branch of the organization to get destroyed and made an effort to continue sustaining the club. 

“Taking it upon myself, I took the role of president and have not looked back ever since,” Del Valle said.

SOMOS Broward started as a way to help the Hispanic and Latin students, but within a short time, it became a safe haven for all students, whether it be for homework help or just for someone to lean on and get advice.

“It became an organization where all backgrounds were welcomed, and all ideas were greatly appreciated,” Del Valle said.

Hispanic Heritage Month is important for SOMOS Broward and they are doing everything possible to honor it this year.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a month that all of us look forward to, to appreciate and celebrate our heritage,” Del Valle said. “SOMOS Broward has prided itself for so long in providing these celebrations and is currently undergoing the necessary changes to be able to provide them once again.”

“SOMOS Boca isn’t just for Hispanic or Latinx students, and it will never foster that message,” Cabrera said. “SOMOS Boca is for anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of an organization for the betterment of the future.”

When it came to Hispanic Heritage month events, he said big things are in the works.

“Right now, SOMOS Boca has so many amazing ideas!” Cabrera said. “There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that is currently taking place for all students to contribute to, and I cannot wait to tell you all [what ] we have in store for everyone.” 

SOMOS events include “study with SOMOS,” which is a group study session. The group also brings in key Hispanic figures in the community to participate in Q&A events.

Coker explained that Hispanic Heritage Month is a month to honor all who came before us and what they have done.

“For me, Hispanic Heritage Month means a celebration of all the hard work and dedication of past and present [Hispanic/Latina/o/x] individuals who have contributed to the world,” Coker said. “It is a moment to honor and reflect on my ancestor’s passion and love for being their authentic self.”


Angel Rassi is a contributing writer for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or tweet him @arassi2000.