Sports Discussion and Analysis Club: A place for all

The club welcomes everybody of all majors who love sports to participate in discussions, enjoy trivia nights, and just hang out.


Gasner Delvarin Jr.

The members of SDAC at one of their most recent meetings.

Maddox Greenberg, Business Manager

Junior Taylor Savage and sophomore Josh Allen founded in late January The Sports Discussion and Analysis Club (SDAC) with one goal in mind: to talk about sports. 

“One, it’s a passion for us and I think everybody around campus, to some extent, has this passion—at least, the majority of people on campus. But two, there is a void,” replied the president of SDAC Taylor Savage. “There is no club like this where you can just talk, watch, and do everything sports related. That’s what we do.”

After only three meetings in total this semester, the club has already started to pick up the pace by holding fun-filled activities for members. The club is not limited to talking about sports, but also does trivia nights, volunteer work, and hosts guest speakers. Among the invited guest speakers include Dan Cornelly, the assistant director of the MBA in Sports Management at FAU. 

“We also do cool activities like we went to a baseball game as a club, and many of us went to the watch party on campus as the basketball team had their run during March Madness,” said junior journalism major Justin Backer.

The club is open to everybody on campus to join.

The club members come from a diverse array of different majors. For example, Savage is a business major, Allen is a graphic design major, the secretary for SDAC is sophomore ocean engineer Tyler Shute, and sophomore elementary education major, Shayna Horowitz. 

“You get to learn a lot about everyone’s background in sports, and a lot of them including myself want to have a career in the sports industry one day,” said junior multimedia journalism major Dylan Backer, brother of Justin.

To join the club, you would have to fill out a link tree. After that, Savage will add you to the club’s GroupMe. Savage additionally suggests that those who are interested should also join the club’s Owl Central, that way you are officially a member of the club.

In the long term, the club members hope to expand and include more activities and opportunities. The club is also looking forward to one day working with sports organizations like the Miami Dolphins and others.

“The leaders of the club really try and get everyone involved and it’s encouraging because the club is brand new and to see it as organized as it is, is amazing,” said junior political science major Jimmy Surin.

The club meets every other Thursday from 6:15 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. The rooms will be announced on the club’s GroupMe. For more information on SDAC, you can also follow the club’s Instagram.

Maddox Greenberg is the Business Manager for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or DM via Facebook @maddox greenberg