College Republicans support mask policies remaining the same on campus

Three members of the College Republicans organization shared their opinions on the current mask policies in place. As long as wearing a mask remains a choice, they are on board.

Image courtesy of FAU College of Republicans Instagram

Image courtesy of FAU College of Republicans Instagram

Margaret Mifsud, Political Reporter

Mask-wearing on campus has been a topic of discussion since classes have resumed in person. Currently, students are not required to wear masks on campus. However, signs at the entrance of most buildings read, “Masks are expected.”

Within the university, many people have differing opinions on the matter. While some students believe the policies are not strict enough, others believe they are effective. Some members of the College Republicans organization on campus shared their opinions on the current mask policies.

Founded in 2015, FAU College Republicans is a student-run organization that aims to promote the principles of the Republican party through events, workshops, and regularly scheduled member meetings.

Organization member Adam Trout said, “I personally think it should be like it is now. The mask should be completely optional, again, because it’s freedom of choice. But just don’t force it on the rest of us.”

Vice President Brandon Dellinger said, “They’ve allowed a level of choice to each individual. They’ve allowed a  little bit of freedom. Whoever feels safe with a mask, wants the mask, absolutely, they can wear it. I encourage it.” 

President Yago Cecchini agreed that people should have the freedom to choose if they wear a mask. Additionally, Cecchini argues that masks may not be as effective as Americans believe. 

“In my opinion, I don’t think it’s really necessary,” Cecchini said. He remarked that many states have attempted to stop the spread of the virus with masks but have failed. “I think some of the data, if you look at other states, like, for example, Washington State, right after they announced their mask mandate, they still had a surge in cases.”

The members also said that many mask wearers do not appropriately wear their masks anyway.

According to Dellinger, he sees most people not completely covering their mouths and noses fully, throwing masks in their pockets and not washing them, and other things that may render mask-wearing ineffective

Trout also argued that masks are not as effective as people have been led to believe. “We were kind of lied to from the start…[It was] rude not to tell Americans the truth about masks outright.”

All three members said that they do not typically wear masks on campus. However, Trout said, “I will if it means I can continue my education in person.”

Cecchini said the organization has not had any meetings yet. They do not plan to have any virtual meeting options as the organization becomes more active. He believes in-person is the absolute best option.

Margaret Mifsud is a Political Reporter for the University Press. For more information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].