Men’s Soccer Spotlight: Blake Dean

Dean, a senior majoring in business administration, was born in a small town where soccer is not very popular. Despite this, he has demonstrated that this has not been an obstacle for him to live his passion.


Photo by Eston Parker III.

Katherine Ambrosio Villegas, Staff Writer

With discipline and hard work, you can do anything you set your mind to. Blake Dean knows this very well. 

Born in Englewood, Florida, Dean has been playing soccer since the age of 10. He is a senior majoring in business administration and a midfielder for FAU’s men’s soccer team. 

Dean recalled how growing up, he played many sports that included football, basketball, and soccer. Yet, destiny pushed him towards soccer. 

“I wanted to push myself the [best] I could, I wanted to play at a division one school… [In] basketball, I am not the tallest guy out there, and just all of my genetics kind of helped me be able to push myself to a higher level in soccer that I wasn’t able to do in any other sport,” Dean said. 

Throughout Dean’s life, he said that his inspiration has been his dad. Dean’s dad would drive him to soccer practice every day. His dad was always there to support him and drive him everywhere he needed no matter the distance. 

“[My dad] pushed me all the time, he’s the one that took me to all of my games, all my tournaments. He learned the game for himself because soccer isn’t big at all in my town whatsoever, or when he grew up,” Dean said. “He kind of took it upon himself to learn about soccer in the area of Florida in different levels to help me kind of reach the floor, and help me to play at the best level I could and drive me.”  

Dean describes soccer as his ultimate passion. “[Soccer] is like who I am, It’s like my lifestyle. Everything I do, every day is based upon soccer. What I eat, when I go to bed, what I do on the weekends. My whole life has been based upon soccer, and what I do, and how I conduct my life,” he said.

Dean has played for Sarasota Metropolis FC and is a sponsored athlete for Undrdog Athletix, an athletic Christian brand. 

During his spare time off the soccer field, Dean said he enjoys freediving, going to the beach, and skimboarding.

In 2018, Dean joined FAU and became a part of the men’s soccer team. What convinced Dean to attend the university and become a part of the team was the human warmth he felt from everyone since the beginning. 

“[Coach Joey Worthen and the staff] trusted me like the way I was, they loved the person I was, they wanted to see me grow more as a person and an athlete,” Dean said. “Other coaches kind of only really focused on the soccer part, and they focused on the soccer as me as a person. I fell in love with the area, the coaching staff.” 

Throughout the 2018 season, Dean was named to the C-USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll and had 10 shots on the season to name a few of the many achievements he made during the season. 

In 2019, he came up with the winning and first career goal in the 2-1 victory over Jacksonville and delivered an assist on a goal in a 5-2 victory over Keiser. 

During that same year, he was once again named C-USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll, being one of 18 on the team to be honored with this recognition. 

In 2021, he was crucial in the game against Florida Gulf Coast, scoring the game-tying goal with just 14 seconds left and was named to the C-USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll. 

Dean said that he could not have done this without his team and their team effort. 

Throughout Dean’s time with the team, he has not only demonstrated how skillful he is on the field but how great of a friend he is. Daniel Skistad, a teammate, said that Dean is an overall good guy and hardworking person. 

“He always works hard, wants to improve, and gives it all for the team. He is always helpful, very energetic, and fun to be around. He also loves joking around, and even though it can be a bit much sometimes, I’ve learned to live with it and appreciate it,” Skistad said. 

Dean said that when playing on the field, his biggest motivation is not wanting to let his teammates down. “I want to do what I can do to the best of my abilities to help [the team] win. I’m a very competitive person. I love winning, I hate losing…The thought of losing just motivates me to just have my teammates’ backs and do everything I possibly can to help us succeed in the game,” he said. 

10 years from now, Dean hopes that his career will be in soccer. He would like to own his real estate firm and take over his dad’s construction company. 

In addition, he would like to be able to earn enough money to flip houses and be able to have three sources of income. 

For the upcoming Fall 2021 season, Dean is very excited for what’s to come. 

“You’re gonna get 100% from me, I’ll do everything I can [to win]. This year, we have higher expectations [because] we’re trying to make the NCAA Tournament in which we’re aiming to win this conference and the conference tournament. ..It’s the highest expectations FAU has had in their history, and we’re hoping to meet those goals and even go above those goals,” said Dean. 

Katherine Ambrosio Villegas is a staff writer for the University Press. For more information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].