Graciously Leaving A Mark shares confidence and self-love tips with students

At GLAM, education about skin, hair, and health is at the forefront of their mission.


Members of GLAM at photo event (pre-COVID) image from President Caitlin Lapomarede

Darlene Antoine, Features Editor

Affirmations of self-love and positivity ring through virtual screens as the members of Graciously Leaving A Mark (GLAM) share tips of beauty and self-acceptance with the university community. 

President Caitlin Lapomarede, Communications Director Abigaelle Michel, and Historian Toni Willie lead a club driven towards providing students with skincare and makeup tips to encourage confidence and self-care. 

While the original chapter of the club was established at the University of Georgia in 2017, it was chartered at Florida Atlantic University by current president Lapomarede and alumna Taylor Jones in 2019. 

“When I first started the organization, I never thought I would have people to count on and to be here for very important moments in my life,” Lapomarede said. “I have girls in this organization who I consider close friends and even sisters, and that is my favorite part about leading GLAM. There are always good vibes with everyone.”

When asked about how GLAM tackles the challenges of stigmas surrounding the makeup and beauty industry, Lapomarede explained that education was at the forefront of their mission. 

GLAM Tabling on-campus Breezeway
(pre-COVID) image from President Caitlin Lapomarede

“We have honestly faced many stigmas and controversial topics in the makeup industry since being introduced to a college campus. In instances like this, we do a lot of research and host educational events instead of just social events pertaining to our age group since we are young adult college students,” Lapomarede said. “We educate on every type of makeup application, skin types, and hair types. We make sure to host these events to teach for every gender, not just women, and we do not discriminate against anyone.”

Willie shared a similar sentiment by explaining that GLAM is an inclusive space for anyone interested in joining. 

“Everyone is welcome. We don’t just focus on makeup as some may think. Skincare, hair care, and overall health are also very big initiatives that GLAM supports as well. To me, knowing that I have a group of motivated women working to empower and educate others on our own interests is very amazing,” said Willie. 

GLAM is composed of makeup, skincare, and hair enthusiasts who strive to provide opportunities, tips, and tricks about the beauty industry. The members of the club also participate in fundraisers, informational meetings, and events to express their passion for improving self-esteem and building confidence. 

In joining GLAM, Michel described that she learned about the importance of self-care while also gaining a greater sense of self-acceptance.

“I chose to join GLAM as a way to meet people with similar interests in hair, skin, and makeup. GLAM has taught me to be confident within my own skin as well as the aspect of appreciation of having natural hair that can be used within many protective styles that allow greater confidence among the presence of others. I have also learned to take some time out to take self-care days and focus on enhancing beauty factors that will make me happy,” said Michel. 


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While the current pandemic has caused the club to transition to a virtual space, the club members remain driven towards their mission of promoting educational tips of self-improvement. 

“Within the current pandemic, it is important to increase self-esteem and confidence levels by learning what works best for your skin, hair, and body. Educating yourself with products that react well within your everyday life builds self-esteem each day that increases your confidence level. In the midst of the pandemic, it is a perfect opportunity to build confidence because it allows you to be confident enough to be comfortable within your own skin,” said Michel.

Students can find more information about GLAM on Owl Central and their Instagram: @glamatfau to find the updates on the latest events and information on the club.

Darlene Antoine is the Features Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].