Gallery: Baseball ends season with loss in NCAA Regional tournament

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0001Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Third baseman Austin Langham (17) laughs as he sits up from stretching to see Owsley in front of him pretending to stretch.  

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0002Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Senior right fielder Brett Lashley (12) breaks for first base after making contact with a pitch in his first at-bat.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0003Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Long Beach State pitcher Chris Mathewson (27) delivers a pitch from the mound during his team’s 5-1 win versus Florida Atlantic on Friday.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0004Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Junior third baseman Austin Langham (17)  attempts to tag out freshman center fielder Brooks Stotler (15), who was called safe on the play.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0005Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Head baseball coach John McCormack walks away from the umpire after a close call doesn’t go in favor of his team.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0006Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Owls junior Shortstop CJ Chatham (10) swings at a pitch from Dirtbags pitcher Chris Mathewson (27) during FAU’s first game of the NCAA Regional Tournament.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0007Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Dirtbags freshman second baseman Jarren Duran (4) dives to stop a ground ball in a play that resulted in an out a first.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0008Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
A view of Alex Rodriguez Field at Mark Light Stadium prior to FAU’s Saturday game against Stetson University.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0009Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Marc Stewart (55) flips the ball to redshirt junior first baseman Esteban Puerta (9).

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0010Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Senior rightfielder Christian Dicks (11) rounds second base on his way to third after sophomore catcher Gunnar Lambert hit a double. Dicks scored on the play.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0011Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Sophomore pitcher Marc Stewart (55) watches his pitch travel into the glove of sophomore catcher Gunnar Lambert.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0012Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Owls freshman Tyler Frank (6) slides safely into home plate during the bottom of the eighth inning on a double by Brett Lashley.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0013Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
CJ Chatham (10) embraces Tyler Frank (6) after the freshman hit his first collegiate home run on Saturday versus Stetson. Frank played at Chatham’s usual position of shortstop during the game.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0014Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Stetson head coach Pete Dunn points to the left field foul post near where Tyler Frank’s home run landed while talking to FAU head coach John McCormack postgame.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0016Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Tyler Frank (6) jumps and throws to first base after making a defensive play to his right.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0017Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
FAU senior pitcher Brandon Rhodes (28) follows through after throwing a pitch during his final game as an Owl against Long Beach State on Sunday.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0018Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Senior pitcher Tanner Brown (39) begins his pitching motion towards home plate.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0019Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Long Beach pitcher Tanner Brown (39) reaches to catch the ball while sophomore catcher Gunnar Lambert (15) slides to beat the tag at home and add a run for the Owls.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0020Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
The Long Beach State dugout cheers after junior Daniel Jackson (35) hits a two-run home run to seal their victory over the Owls.  

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0021Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Junior catcher Daniel Jackson (35) and left fielder Domonic Colaccio (11) celebrate by tapping helmets after Jackson hit a two-run home run.

Coral Gables Regional '16_Max Jackson_0022Max Jackson | Staff Photographer
Florida Atlantic players gather near head coach John McCormack after being eliminated from the NCAA Regional tournament.