Gallery: Sand Volleyball beats Webber International in two matches

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_001Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Graduate student Alyssa Warren (15) hugs her coach Capri Grotowski during the senior day ceremony prior to the start of Thursday afternoons dual match against Webber International.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_002Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Junior Andrea Galinis (11) and freshman Brittany Pellitteri (10) celebrate after a scoring play. The pair played in both matches, winning the first but losing the second.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_003Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Senior Natalie Fraley (12) jumps up for a spike while her partner, sophomore Savannah Hicks (21), watches the play. The duo won their sets 21-7 and 21-11.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_004Max Jackson | Photo Editor
A Webber player (10) goes for a bump to set up a play for her partner. Webber’s lone win came in the third game of the second match.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_005Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Head coach Capri Grotowski watches her players during the second match of the Owls’ meet against the Webber Warriors.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_006Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Warren (15) dives for a dig. Warren was one of two graduating seniors who played their final home game (Warren and Mandy McIntosh).

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_007Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Junior Chelsey Tekavec (2) hits the ball over the net in the first match of the day. Tekavec (2) and her partner Warren (15) won both of their matches on Thursday.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_008Max Jackson | Photo Editor
A Webber player(11) jumps up to serve during the dual meet between the FAU Owl’s and Webber International Warriors on Thursday afternoon.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_009Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Freshman Gabrielle Dischler (5) signals to her partner before she serves.The Owls are now 5-4 on the season after the win.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_010Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Graduate student Mandy McIntosh (24) blocks a spike from a Webber opponent. McIntosh and her partner, sophomore Beth Shoaff (25) won their match on Thursday.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_011Max Jackson | Photo Editor
A Webber player (4) celebrates after scoring in a close set against Tekavec (2) and Warren (15).

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_012Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Pellitteri (10) bumps the ball to her partner Galinis (11) to set up a play.

FAU v. Webber_SVB_Max Jackson_013Max Jackson | Photo Editor
Warren (15) high fives Tekavec (2) after winning her final home match as an Owl.