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Hockey: FAU beats UT in the second game of the season

FAU continues to go undefeated, sending UT packing
Emma Sigault
FAU forward Caleb Owens celebrating with his teammates after scoring a goal against the University of Tampa. September 23, 2023.

The Florida Atlantic Owls Hockey Club started the season strong, winning both games against the University of South Florida Bulls. On Friday, FAU continued their winning streak against the University of Tampa (UT) Spartans Division 2 team. The Owls continue to go undefeated. 

Game 1- vs. University of Tampa (8:30 PM) 

The Owls hustled throughout the first period, keeping the pressure on the Spartans. Unfortunately, UT caught goalie Gunnar Stevens off guard and scored. Seven minutes into the game, freshman forward Leon Biller shot from deep right, scoring FAU’s first goal of the night. Not even a full minute later, forward Doug “DJ” Randle scored despite pressure from the Spartans. Forward Matias Weir scored with an advantage on the Owls’ first power play. Stevens made up for his missed save early on in the game by blocking two shots made by the Spartans, keeping FAU up 3-1. 

Tension ran high as the Owls led 3-1 in the second period. The Spartans took advantage of their double power play, scoring five minutes in. The Owls heavily forced their offense on the Spartans, giving them limited opportunities for the puck. Despite the Spartans having a power play, they could not score against the Owls’ defense. The Owls kept the puck deep and continued to play smart. 

The Spartans tied the score three minutes into the third period, making it 3-3. FAU and UT went back and forth, trading possession of the puck. With just over nine minutes left in the last period of the game, forward Emilio Stabile scored, putting the Owls up by one. FAU continued to scrabble and strive for another goal. 

“We didn’t score in the second, but we picked it up near the middle of the third, played hard and came together as a team. We really connected after I scored; it brought the boys together and we got the win at the end,” said Stabile. 

With another power play in favor of the Spartans, they could still not score on the Owls’ defense. 

With 40 seconds left in the period, forward Myles Davidson scored the night’s final goal, with FAU winning 5-3.

Game 2- vs. University of Tampa (5 PM)

Six minutes into the first period, the Spartans had their first power play but could not score against the Owls’ defense. FAU’s offense worked hard, keeping the pressure on UT and giving forward Caleb Owens the opportunity to score. During the Owls’ power play, Owens scored an insurance goal from deep center, with an assist from freshman forward Leon Biller. The FAU Owls ended the first period 2-0. 

Goalie Rocco Bruno made a save halfway through the second period, keeping the Owls up by two. During FAU’s power play, forward Matias Weir found the goal and scored, with an assist from both defender David Israel and Owens. The Owls kept fighting hard throughout the second period despite being up three points. UT had another power play but couldn’t find their way around the Owls’ defense. The saying “don’t kick a horse while it’s down” would be an understatement for this game as Israel found the back of the net and scored, with an assist from Weir. Not even a minute later, Biller scored again, making the score 5-0. 

“We came out prepared today… I came wanting to score tonight, when I have the puck on my stick and I want to score and it’s self-motivation and a lot of mental game,” said Owens. 

The Spartans took advantage of their power play two minutes into the third period and scored. Minutes later, UT had a hard drive center and scored again. Bruno made another great save, the puck bouncing off his shins, keeping the score 5-2. FAU’s offense kept pushing, not giving it to UT easily. The Owls’ defense stepped up for the game, keeping the Spartans on their feet. With just five minutes left in the last period, Owens saw an opening and did not hesitate to take his shot and score his third goal of the night. With under two minutes left in the period, Stabile scored and ended the game 7-2. 

Christiana Eckard is a contributing writer for the University Press. For more information regarding this or other stories, email her at [email protected] or message her on Instagram @christianaeck_ on.

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    RSep 25, 2023 at 8:12 pm

    Reading the play by play and period by period excitement…..I feel like the Owles played aggressively and in unity!