Meet 2023 SG governor candidates

Campus governor manages initiatives that affect students, learn who that person might be.


Student Government logo. Photo courtesy of SG.

Melanie Gomez and Ma. Emilia Santander

The campus governor is in charge of managing initiatives to meet the needs of the students and to further the goals of the university. The UP spoke with candidates so students can make an informed decision on who to vote for.

Boca Raton

Kobe Kirschner

Kobe Kirschner posing with Owlsley statue. Courtesy of Kobe Kirschner

Kirschner is a senior whose goals as campus governor is to improve the FAU experience in different areas and grow as a leader.

Some of his campaign goals include: charity work with Greek Life,  increase money incentives like gift cards in exchange for good grades, promoting prayer rooms, and massage chairs in the Student Union, along with massage guns in the recreation center. 

“The fact that students can have a leader who they can talk to and say like ‘this needs to change or that needs to change in the lead’ and the leaders listen to the students. That’s a very important part of this campus experience,” said Kirschner.

Shila Ductant

Shila Ductant’s campaign picture. Courtesy of Donald Van Pelt, assistant vice president for Student Engagement.


Ductant is a sophomore who has held multiple positions in Student Government the past four semesters, such as governor’s chief of staff and house representative. 

Her reason for running is to evoke positivity and change on campus, also gaining experience for her future career, a family lawyer, where she plans to “represent the unrepresented.” 

Her campaign goals include: providing resources during the Summer semester and advocating for the wellbeing of students. 

“I want students to know that my campaign was just a vision I wrote on paper and became a reality. I want students to know that you can talk to me about anything. I am also a person who will advocate for what is right,” wrote Ductant.

Logan Slaughter

Logan Slaughter’s campaign picture. Courtesy of Donald Van Pelt, assistant vice president for Student Engagement.

Slaughter is a junior that has also been part of SG for a while now as a member of the President’s Administrative Cabinet. She helped implement the Owl’s Ending Hunger and Beyond Food Programs.

Slaughter’s reasons for running are to create changes that will benefit all students and gain valuable leadership experience and skills that will aid her in her future career in law and politics. 

Her campaign goals include: expanding dietary options, improving safety, creating  more traditions to ferment community, and increasing communication between student leaders and the student body.

“If elected, I will be a leader that represents ALL students on the Boca Raton campus and that will lead with integrity and passion. I strive to be an approachable leader that students can come to with any concerns, and work with them to find a solution to make their campus experience the best that it can be,” Slaughter wrote. 

Zack Brand

Zach Brand’s campaign picture. Courtesy of Donald Van Pelt, assistant vice president for Student Engagement.

Brand is a junior business finance major with a minor in anthropology. He is one of the founding members of Owls Speech and Debate as well as part of the executive board of the Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity. 

Brand is running to continue what the current campus governor has worked and bring the FAU community together. 

His main campaign goals include: listening to student voices regarding ideas for initiatives, cracking down on hate speech and improving parking for all students.

“I want the student body to know that if I am on campus, I will make sure that is a good place for all organizations, as well as for all students. To do what they want to make sure that they try to start more club organizations. Try to get more people onto campus. Get more of a community started,” said Brand.


Ibrahim Gheit’s campaign picture. Courtesy of Donald Van Pelt, assistant vice president for Student Engagement.

Ibrahim Gheit

Gheit is a junior biology major studying cellular neuroscience and is currently the chair for the Campus Budget Allocation Committee (CBAC) for the House of Representatives at the Jupiter campus. Gheit’s reason for running is to represent the Jupiter campus and implement initiatives that will benefit current and future students.

His campaign goals include: improving campus safety, implementing programs to increase graduate school applications, as well as improving campus transportation, sustainability, and infrastructure.

“I want [students] to know that if I am elected as governor, I’m hoping to burst out onto the right track. And with previous experience I’m, without fear of doubt, qualified to bring educational, financial, etc., various skills you want to bring to the table in order to essentially propose and promote diversity, unity, and various other programs on campus,” said Gheit.

Emma Leonardo Solorzano

Emma Leonardo Solorzano’s campaign picture. Courtesy of Donald Van Pelt, assistant vice president for Student Engagement.

Solorzano is a junior majoring in international studies and economics. She has been in SG since her sophomore year and is currently the vice president of the Baron’s Business and Economics Club. Solorzano was previously a member of the Jupiter House of Representatives and former CBAC chair. She is currently serving in the Senate.

Solorzano’s motivation for running is to improve the quality of campus life and serve the needs of the student body. One major campaign goal will include improving the general infrastructure of the Jupiter campus, such as building renovations and replacing out of date furniture. Another goal is to focus on the personal needs of the students such as improving the current Women’s Health initiative to include higher quality, hypoallergenic, and sustainable feminine hygiene products

“I’ve been here already three years, and I haven’t noticed as big changes coming to our campus compared to Boca, so I’m thinking of not only the current students, but the future students that come to our campus. I want them to have a good experience. I want them to have a campus to be proud of you know, because despite us having cool programs and cool events, if our infrastructure and like our buildings aren’t up to date, it’s not something that reflects well on us and on FAU. I just want them to know that I’m open to the ideas that they have that I’m willing to listen. I’m someone approachable, and I have the experience to get the changes that we need to happen done as well as the passion for it,” said Solorzano.

Claire Sanford’s campaign picture. Courtesy of Donald Van Pelt, assistant vice president for Student Engagement.

Claire Sanford

Sanford is a senior that is part of Jupiter’ Program Board. Her reason for running is to create unity, improve the quality of campus and improve her communication skills and emotional intelligence to prepare for her future career as a clinical psychologist. 

Her campaign goals include: establishing campus traditions, holding alumni engagement events, expanding our academic and wellness programs, working on external campus improvement projects, providing transportation to sporting events and other significant events on the Boca campus, and improving food insecurity on Jupiter, which does not have a Beyond Food pantry expansion.

“I want every student to know that their voice matters to me. On the Jupiter campus, we have a disconnect between students in student government and those who are not. This disconnect has entirely pushed students away from student government, and I want to fix that. Student government is supposed to advocate for the student’s needs and wants; no one should feel like they can not go to their leaders to discuss these issues,” wrote Sanford.

Bernard Harrigan

Bernard Harrigan’s campaign picture. Courtesy of Donald Van Pelt, assistant vice president for Student Engagement.

Harrigan is a senior environmental justice and social change major at Wilkes Honors College.

“As a senior at FAU Wilkes Honors College, I have really appreciated the community we built to engage in deeper reflections and education. Student government is so important to tell the whole story of our lived experience here and see diplomatic change happen. I am an Environmental Justice and Social Change major, and want to see more sustainable practices throughout the campus along with organized opportunities to get more involved. If you have been in class with me, you know I am never afraid to speak up and speak out for my classmates,” said Harrigan in his campaign statement.

The UP reached out to Harrigan for comment, but did not receive a response by time of publication.




Malena Lasca

Malena Lasca’s campaign picture. Courtesy of Malena Lasca.

Lasca is junior in public relations with a bachelor’s in political science. Her reason for running is to become a bridge between SG and students on the Broward campuses. 

Her campaign  goals include: increasing student and SG involvement, and creating leadership and skills workshops.

“I would like students to know that I will be working for them, being one of them. I have the same objectives as them, I would have the position of Governor but I will still be a student at FAU. Their ideas will be heard, as I want my ideas to be heard to improve the school I am attending. I will be working for all students and try to make the Broward Campuses a place they enjoy and a place where they see their future professional careers thrive,” wrote Lasca.

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