Brazilian Student Association hopes to celebrate and promote Brazilian culture on campus

“I feel it’s our job to show people the beauty of Brazil,” said Hadassah Medeiros, president of the Brazilian Student Association.

Image courtesy of BRASA

Image courtesy of BRASA

Natalia Ribeiro, Staff Writer

The Brazilian Student Association (BRASA) strives to bring Brazilian culture to students. As a newer club on campus, the leaders want to bring everything Brazil has to offer to the university.  

President of BRASA, Hadassah Medeiros, thinks that the most important aspect in a cultural or ethnic club is to explain the culture of the country.

“I feel it’s our job to show people the beauty of Brazil,” Medeiros said. “The beauty of our people and culture and everything that it involves.”   

Vice President Maria Clara said learning about Brazilian culture is just one of the aspects of the club, as meeting new people and creating friendships is included in their mission.

“Our mission statement is establishing those connections and creating those relationships and bonds,” Clara said. 

For now, BRASA doesn’t have a set day and time for meetings as the club wants to focus on bonding events for members. 

“We can all get closer, get to know each other a little bit more, and then actually start off with fun events,” Medeiros said.

The club plans to offer movie nights at the Living Room Theaters where members can relax and get to know one another. Game nights where members can use that time to gain information on Brazil.  A bowling night and a Kahoot tournament are being planned for the future.

Public Relations chair, Juliana Lopes, said that by creating those relationships, members are going to feel comfortable meeting each other outside the club setting. 

“They have someone to hang out with whenever they’re feeling like they want someone to hang out with, whenever they want company,” Lopes said.

Currently, BRASA has 126 active members registered on Owl Central.  BRASA is open to any FAU student who wishes to join and they do not have to be Brazilian in order to take part in the club, as Medeiros said it sends the wrong message. 

“I want this club to be for anybody at FAU, if they can’t find a place where they belong, they can definitely join our club,” Medeiros said. “I want us to be a club that’s recognized for accepting students, spreading beautiful culture with the food, music, the people, everything.”

Clara hopes the club becomes an integral part of the community in the future. 

“Connect with businesses, other groups, communities, [and] organizations that are a part of the Brazilian community,” Clara said. “Having that exposure out and get the support for everyone.”

Students can check out BRASA on their Instagram page.  

 Natalia Ribeiro is a staff writer for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories email [email protected] or tweet her @nataliar_99.